Tuesday, 2 December 2014

New LOTR Fellowship release: 'Sangarunya - black Numenorean' MS611

Sangarunya is a powerful foe to face, appointed by his Nazgul master to the status of Warlord as a young man, he lead his forces to a string of victories in rapid succession, demonstrating his loyalty to Sauron the dark lord of the rings.  
Sangarunya wears the magic mail and the dragon-emblazoned, red surcoat characteristic of the mighty of AkhĂ´rahil's forces.

His red, leather faced shield bears the same symbol, he wields a Haradrian scimitar as weapon and his silver-gold helmet is of the karma design.

This 32mm scale metal miniature is primed and read to paint.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Lord of the Rings Balin and a Female Orc Shaman Healer released by Mithril Miniatures.

Mithril has just released, on the 20th of November 2014, two more highly detailed Lord of the Rings Fellowship metal figures.
Balin the Lord of Moria helped Thorin against the mighty dragon Smaug at the Lonely Mountain. This 32mm figure is very detailed, possibly the most detailed Dwarf Mithril has ever made.
This figure was suggested by a Fellowship member way back in March 2014.
Balin, Lord of Moria Mithril Miniature

The second figure is a unique one, the first time ever that Mithril has released a female Orc. It is uncommon for female Orcs to leave their caves, but some do accompany the male Orcs on campaigns against the other races. This one has taken up the crafts of Shamanism and Healing. She knows enough about herblore to help keep Orcs healthy and can also use special herbs to enter shamanistic states. This figure was suggested by a Fellowship member way back in February 2014.

Female Orc Shaman Healer Mithril Miniature

Friday, 14 November 2014

New Hungarian moulds support Austria in the Seven Years War

On November 14th 2014 Prince August has extended the current range of their Seven Years War moulds. These three Hungarian moulds can cast fusilier and grenadier infantry, NCO, Drummer, Standard Bearer and Officer.

Seven Years War Hungarian moulds

As with the last two releases, these include interchangeable heads so you can be more flexible with a smaller amount of moulds than ever before.
These Hungarians fought in the Austrian army but have their own colour scheme and uniform. There are assembly instructions and a painting guide included with the moulds, but also made available as pdfs on the product pages if needed. There is also a pdf of flags available for printing.
Prices are the same as last time at 12.15 Euro (Ex. V.A.T) per mould.

It is important to remember that each mould can cast hundreds of times and each mould has two figures in it so you can, with care, get about 1000 cast soldiers from a single mould. All you need to do is keep melting metal.

Here is some historical information from Prince August about the Hungarians in the Austrian army:

The Holy Roman (Austrian) emperor was also the king of Hungary and the Austrian army comprised 10 Hungarian regiments as well as the 39 Imperial or German regiments. The Hungarian  regiments incorporated some elements of their national dress in their uniforms, notably their distinctive trousers.
Each regiment comprised 16 fusilier and 2 Grenadier units. The grenadier companies would, in the field, be detached from their parent regiment and merged with grenadier companies from other regiments to form a grenadier corps.

All 10 Hungarian regiments wore  a white coat (the traditional colour of the Holy Roman empire) and the distinctive Hungarian trousers. The hair of the rank and file was tied into side-plaits and only the officers had the side curls in the style of the German infantry. Standards were carried by officers.

Friday, 7 November 2014

MS608: Bandobras Took kills Golfimbul - 'The invention of golf' Mithril miniatures

The invention of golf - Bandobras Took

Mithril Miniatures has released another great Fellowship set of two figures this November. This depicts the moment that Bandobras Bullroarer Took, the largest Hobbit ever recorded, struck the head off the Goblin leader Golfimbul, with a club, and it landed in a rabbit hole. This event is credited, by Hobbits, as being the inspiration for the game of golf.
These miniatures are 32mm scale, primed in grey primer and will require assembly.
This is a limited edition of 150 and was December 2013's winning idea from the Fellowship club.
It was sculpted, as usual, by Chris Tubb.
Buy it today before it sells out.

The invention of golf - Bandobras Took

Thursday, 16 October 2014

New Halloween Decoration Moulds from Prince August (pumpkin, ghost, black cat & witch).

Halloween Wicked Witch Mould.

Halloween Scary Black Cat

Spooky Ghost

Halloween Spooky Ghost

Petrifying Pumpkin

Halloween Petrifying Pumpkin / Jack O Lantern

Halloween is the scariest holiday on the calender and people love to decorate their homes during this time so Prince August has extended its Seasonal Ornaments to include four brand new moulds that allow you to cast flat miniatures depicting classic Halloween elements like the Petrifying Jack O Lantern (pumpkin), a Wicked Witch, a Scary Black Cat and a Spooky Ghost.

These moulds can be used hundreds of times and require no assembly at all. 
Perhaps it would be a novel idea to cast and paint these and give them out to children as keepsakes instead of candy when they come around trick or treating.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

September Mithril LOTR releases: Dunhere and Haradan Standard Bearer

MS605 Haradan Standard Bearer was November 2013's winning idea and will be released next week. We had a slight technical issue with MS606 so that delayed the release a little as we had to remove it from production for the time being.
The Haradan are men that are allied to Mordor and are enemies to Gondor and Rohan. This miniature carries a standard emblazoned with a serpent, one of the two great symbols used by the Haradrim, the other being the sun.
This is a 32mm scale metal miniature, pre-primed but does require some assembly.

MS607 Dunhere, captain of Rohan was January 2014's winning idea and will be released next week as well. 
This heroic warrior was lord of Harrowdale and fought valiently against all enemies until he was killed in the battle at the Pelennor fields.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Mithril Lord of the Rings 'Old woman with chickens' Ms604 32mm scale miniatures.

Old woman with chickens MS604 Mithril miniatures
Mithril has released in August 2014 the October '13 Fellowship winning idea Ms604 'Old woman with chickens'. This is a 32mm scale metal miniature. The member responsible for submitting this idea was 'sicania' (forum username). There are only 150 miniatures available.

This figure shows a peasant farmer from the Northern part of Middle-earth from one of the many farmsteads and Mannish dwellings that can be found in Eriador. For although the three kingdoms in the north were swept away in wars long ago, along with their great lords and warriors, the people remain, farming their lands as best they can in these troubled times and watched over by the mysterious rangers who do their best to protect them.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Crack of Doom - MX600 Designer Vignette by Mithril Miniatures

Mithril Miniatures occasionally produces custom projects for customers to allow them a chance to have their dreams realized. Tom Wrich has commissioned a superb mini-vignette and Mithril has 100 available for sale for 34.95 Euro (ex. VAT) or 42.99 (incl. VAT). It is a first come, first served policy.


The Crack of Doom vignette includes Frodo, Samwise and Gollum, all key characters from J.R.R. Tolkien's books "The Lord of the Rings". This scene depicts the final moments before Gollum's demise in a pit of molten lava in Mount Doom in Mordor.

Frodo and Sam have gone through all sorts of hell to get there, even capturing (temporarily) Gollum along the way as a guide, to reach the 'birthplace' of the One Ring, which Frodo inherited from Bilbo Baggins at the start of the first book, so they can dispose of it. The One Ring, as all Tolkien fans know, contains most of the power of Sauron, the book's top nemesis to all that is good in Middle-earth.

The final moments of seeming victory turned sour when Frodo's will breaks at the last moment and he refuses to destroy the ring, and instead puts it on to escape. Gollum however has been tracking the couple and attacks Frodo at that very moment and bites off the finger with the One Ring. Gollum finally achieves his own personal goal since he lost the ring waaaaay back in The Hobbit book, and Bilbo discovered it on his adventures and kept it. Gollum is consumed with glee, and momentarily forgets where he is standing (on the edge of a cliff) and loses his balance and falls into the lava below, taking the One Ring with him. The lava is the only thing hot enough to destroy the One Ring and with it all the power Sauron needs to achieve total domination over the land.

This is such a pivotal piece that Mithril has assigned MX600 as the number for this vignette.

This vignette is 32mm scale and is primed and does require some assembly.


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

New Austrian and Prussian Seven Years War Moulds released in July 2014.

Prince August has released two new moulds in July 2014. These expand the new Seven Years' War range of moulds released a few months earlier. These moulds allow you to cast 40mm scale semi-flat soldiers and due to the new feature of having interchangeable parts, greatly extents the scope of the original release. PA3104 'Prussian Fusilier and Guard Regiment March Attack' and PA3105 'Austrian Fusiliers Advancing and March Attack' both allow you to cast two soldiers each.

The nature of Prince August vulcanised black rubber moulds is you can cast from them hundreds of times per hole so building an army often only requires patience and metal.
Prince August has also helpfully supplied the painting and assembly instructions as PDFs on the product pages too so you can preview everything before you buy.

Remember however that these are just moulds, so you must already have the basic casting equipment and a stock of suitable metal available or buy them with these moulds. It is all available online.
Model Metal is recommended for the best detail and the least wear on the moulds.



July 2014 LOTR Releases: Black Troll-man of Harad and Female Sylvan Elf metal miniatures.

Mithril Miniatures releases two brand new Lord of the Rings 32mm scale miniatures in July 2014. These were June and August 2013's winning ideas suggested by Fellowship members. The first one is the Black Troll-man of Harad, a hybrid creature that is far more intelligent than true Trolls and far stronger and tougher than regular humans. These are front line troops that serve to batter their way through a defensive line.
Far-Harad are allies to Mordor so Sauron can use them in his attacks against Gondor.


The 2nd release depicts a female Sylvan Elf from Mirkwood. She is a herbalist and carries a small knife to further her profession. There was a special bonus for the winner this month (August 2013), and that was to have her face sculpted as part of her chosen Lord of the Rings race. 
Her name is Magali Caspary (forum member: luthien4tinuvielle).


Wednesday, 7 May 2014

New Mithril Lord of the Rings Fellowship releases in May 2014.

Mithril Miniatures has just released two brand new exciting 32mm scale metal figures in their ongoing Fellowship club range. These were the winning ideas for April and May 2013 submitted and voted on by members of that club.
MS598 'Tarannon Falastur, 12th king of Gondor' is the first miniature. This is already primed but does require a little assembly so some strong model glue is required (but not included).
Tarannon was referred to as the first ship-king, because of his efforts in building up the Gondorian navy. He was married, unhappily, to Beruthiel, but it ended with his exile of his wife (and cats) and his lineage ending with him.

MS598 Tarannon Falastur, 12th king of Gondor.
MS599 'The Razarac attacking' is an extremely rare choice for a miniature, and Mithril has only ever produced one previously, M78, way back in 1989. This revised figure is more dynamic and will require some assembly (wings and arms need attachment). Due to this, it is sold unprimed.
The Razarac seems to be related to the fearsome Balrogs, and bring terror and death to the Far-harad deserts they inhabit. This was a MERP creation.

MS599 The Razarac attacking
Finally if all these wonderful figures was not enough good news, Mithril is offering special bulk purchase discounts as well, for a limited time.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

April's Seven Years' War Moulds Update


Last month Prince August launched the first three moulds for our new Seven years war range using a revolutionary  new casting system. Completely different from anything produced before these moulds use a modular system with separate bodies, heads and accessories, which enable you to produce many more troop types and variants with many fewer moulds.

As an example, from our first three moulds which represent Prussian infantry you can make units of Grenadiers, musketeers and fusiliers all complete with their respective complements of NCO’s officers and drummers. Each mould contains information about the different troops and clear line-drawings which show you  how to assemble them and what troop types you will need for each unit. Also our new system of attaching heads to bodies gives you almost invisible joints and by using our new Super-gel the end result is almost as strong as a one-piece casting.

Working closely with wargamers and experts on the period we  aim to  expand the range to cover all major armies and troop types of the period.
Our next release will comprise  two  moulds : the first together with the components from the first three moulds will allow you to make Austrian fusilier regiments, again with all their officers, NCO’s and drummers, in both advancing and “March attack” poses. The second mould, again with components from the first three Prussian moulds will allow you to make the Prussian guard regiment, and all the previous Prussian  units in the “March attack" pose.

This will be followed by three moulds of the “Hungarian” troops of the Austrian empire, which will allow you to make Hungarian fusiliers and Grenadiers, and also Austrian grenadier units. All moulds contains full instructions on how to create all the different troop types.

Future releases include:

PA3104 Prussian guards regt , March attack pose and fusilier drummer

PA3105 Austrian (German) fusiliers, advancing and March attck

PA3106  Hungarian infantry: officer and standard-bearer

PA3107  Hungarian drummer and NCO

PA3108  Hungarian inf advancing and march attack

PA3109  Russian infantry  in Summer uniform

PA3110 Russian infantry drummer and NCO

PA3111 Russian infantry – Observation corps, winter uniforms and guards regt.

Moulds 3112 to 3118, will cover cavalry ( cuirassiers and dragoons ) for the Prussian, Austrian and Russian armies, together with artillery.

Cute New Easter Decoration Moulds in April 2014

New Easter Decoration Moulds from Prince August

While Prince August does specialise in toy soldier moulds, it has in the last few years branched out to expand its' ranges to include seasonal decorations, first for Christmas and now for Easter. These decorations require no assembly or glue and are really fun to paint. These new moulds allow for one decoration to be cast hundreds of times and are very detailed on both sides. There are little hoops attached to allow you to hang them from trees during the Spring Equinox celebrations. They symbolise renewal, new life and fertility, and link to ancient customs and beliefs that stretch back thousands of years.

But what if you don't want to use them as tree decorations? Well they can stand by themselves so they make beautiful gifts to friends and family, and make a refreshing change from the traditional and sometimes unhealthy habbit of giving chocolate versions to people.

These figures can measure approximately 70mm in height when cast and are flat with the exception of the small stands on the bottom. Both sides are identical. The amount of metal required varies per mould but you can cast between 2 and 4 figures per Prince August Model Metal ingot.

If you have not cast before then check out the Prince August video page for all sorts of tips on the subject.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

New Mithril Miniatures in April 2014: Haradan Musician & Earendur, Last King of Arnor.

Mithril Miniatures has released two new 32mm scale metal miniatures (actually three as MS596 has two figures) in April 2014. These are due to ship on Monday April 7th.
There has been a gap of about 6 months since Mithril released the last MS figure. This delay was down to technical issues with the new master figures that had to be resolved before moving forward with the releases.
The first figure(s) was the November 2012 winning idea, 'Haradan Musician', inspired by an earlier release that included a Haradrim Bellydancer MS540.
The 2nd release was March 2013 winning idea from the Fellowship club and represents Earendur, last king of Arnor.
Both of these releases will be primed and will need a small amount of assembly.

Haradan Musician Mithril Miniatures MS596

Earandur, last king of Arnor Mithril Miniature

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

New Release: Seven Years War Prussian Moulds

Prince August has just released its new Seven Years' war series of moulds. Working in close collaboration with wargamers and experts on the period, they have produced a range of moulds whose flexibility is such that many troop types and variants can now be produced.
This new system features much more detailed and accurate figures than ever before with heads, bodies and other accessories produced separately. The first three moulds feature the Prussian infantry of Frederick the Great and these three moulds alone can produce regular infantrymen, drummers, standard-bearers, NCO’s and officers of the three main troop types; musketeers, grenadiers and fusiliers.

The Seven Years' war took place in the mid-eighteenth century and involved most of the great European powers of the day. Prussia, allied with Britain faced a coalition of many other states, notably Austria and France but also Sweden, Saxony and later Spain. Two separate conflicts really stood at the root of the war.

These moulds include assembly, history and painting guides to assist beginners and experienced hobby casters in getting the most out of these great moulds.

Example of a Seven Years' War Prussian mould.

Go to their Seven Years' War page to learn more.