Thursday, 17 April 2014

Cute New Easter Decoration Moulds in April 2014

New Easter Decoration Moulds from Prince August

While Prince August does specialise in toy soldier moulds, it has in the last few years branched out to expand its' ranges to include seasonal decorations, first for Christmas and now for Easter. These decorations require no assembly or glue and are really fun to paint. These new moulds allow for one decoration to be cast hundreds of times and are very detailed on both sides. There are little hoops attached to allow you to hang them from trees during the Spring Equinox celebrations. They symbolise renewal, new life and fertility, and link to ancient customs and beliefs that stretch back thousands of years.

But what if you don't want to use them as tree decorations? Well they can stand by themselves so they make beautiful gifts to friends and family, and make a refreshing change from the traditional and sometimes unhealthy habbit of giving chocolate versions to people.

These figures can measure approximately 70mm in height when cast and are flat with the exception of the small stands on the bottom. Both sides are identical. The amount of metal required varies per mould but you can cast between 2 and 4 figures per Prince August Model Metal ingot.

If you have not cast before then check out the Prince August video page for all sorts of tips on the subject.

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