Wednesday, 10 September 2014

September Mithril LOTR releases: Dunhere and Haradan Standard Bearer

MS605 Haradan Standard Bearer was November 2013's winning idea and will be released next week. We had a slight technical issue with MS606 so that delayed the release a little as we had to remove it from production for the time being.
The Haradan are men that are allied to Mordor and are enemies to Gondor and Rohan. This miniature carries a standard emblazoned with a serpent, one of the two great symbols used by the Haradrim, the other being the sun.
This is a 32mm scale metal miniature, pre-primed but does require some assembly.

MS607 Dunhere, captain of Rohan was January 2014's winning idea and will be released next week as well. 
This heroic warrior was lord of Harrowdale and fought valiently against all enemies until he was killed in the battle at the Pelennor fields.