Wednesday, 29 August 2018

New Fairy moulds | Castable 60mm flat fairy moulds in three varieties.

New Fairy Moulds in September 2018 by Prince August
New Fairy moulds

Prince August has released in September 2018 three new fairy moulds to cater to hobby casting enthusiasts that prefer non military themed moulds. These are 60mm approximately in scale and are flat figures. Unlike the previous fairy mould, these are not fridge magnets and they have a small base on which they can stand. There is no assembly required after casting. There is detail on both sides of the figures and that detail is not identical.
The names of the three fairies are (PA1928) Daisy, (PA1929) Rose and (PA1930) Lily.

Daisy Fairy Mould
Daisy Fairy Mould
Rose Fairy
Rose Fairy Mould
Lily Fairy
Lily Fairy Mould