Friday, 23 August 2013

Two new Mithril Miniatures Fellowship figures released. MS589 Ostoher and MS590 Galdor.

Mithril has released two new Fellowship miniatures in August 2013.

MS589 King Ostoher of Cardolan.Ostoher was the last effective king of the successor state of Cardolan in the early fifteenth century T.A.  His kingdom, along with Rhudaur and Arthedain, had been weakened by years of civil strife and latterly by the incursions of the Witch-king. During the second Northern war against Rhudaur and Angmar, Ostoher and his two sons were slain at the battle of Tryn Gorthad, leaving his young daughter Nirnadel (M32) as his sole heir.

MS590 Galdor of the Havens.
Galdor was a Sindarin elf from the Grey Havens in the north-west of Middle-earth. He was sent by Cirdan the shipright to represent his people at the council of Elrond at the start of the war of the Ring.