Thursday, 10 March 2016

New Mithril Releases: King Earnur and Marshal Eomund released in March 2016.

Mithril Miniatures released two more MS Fellowship club miniatures in March 2016. These are 32mm scale metal figures that are pre-primed for painting. Some assembly will be required, mostly arms and shields, so some superglue is useful.

Earnur was the last King of Gondor, at least until Aragorn reclaimed the throne, and he was a strong leader and managed to drive back the Witch-king's armies from the north. This was the winning idea from November 2014.

Eomund, Marshal of the Mark, MS622
Eomund, Marshal of the Mark. MS618
Eomund, Marshal of the Mark, was responsible for protecting the eastern areas of Rohan from the raiding parties of Orcs and other vile threats. He fulfilled his duties until the day he died, by an ambush by Orcs. This figure was the winning idea from March 2015.