Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Mithril LOTR White Council Painting Competition Announced.

Mithril Miniatures ran a painting competition from November to the end of February, to paint the latest box set LOTR release, The White Council.
We received 5 excellent entries, all noteworthy in skill and effort and originality.
However there can only be on 'winner', so our judges, Lars and Chris, came to the decision that Christoph Linscheidt's excellent diorama should win.

To see more information and photos go here.

"I would like to start by saying how difficult it is to judge this competition. I can see the huge amounts of work and imagination that have gone into all these pieces and can only hope that I have done justice to all this by spending a very long time studying and comparing the photographs.

Although it might sound somewhat of a cliché it was indeed very difficult to choose between all the entries and select one as the winner. I am sure that an argument could be made for any of the entries to have been selected as winner and of course there is a subjective element involved in the decision.

The marbled floor effect achieved by Yves Boussin was a beautifully executed piece of work and the globe which held David Daines' vignette was a brilliant concept, and conveyed instantly the idea of the world's fate being decided at the meeting. David's faces are also superbly done, and Saruman conveys just the right amount of pique and irascibility.

Nikolai Egold's Galadriel is a near perfect rendering of what I conceived when designing this figure, and Elrond's costume is painstakingly patterned.

Nino Luk's colour scheme is subtle and pleasing especially the contrast between Gandalf, well travelled and weary and the finery of Saruman who he confronts across the table.

Christoph Linscheidt's vignette is subtle and his colour palette which is predominantly greys and blues conjures up exactly the right atmosphere. The colour scheme alone tells me that this is Middle-earth."
by Chris Tubb, Mithril's Sculptor.

Interested in painting the White Council yourself?

Monday, 7 March 2011

Making a Karoliner Battle scene.

Go to today to see the new releases of Karoliners.