Friday, 16 March 2018

New Release | Half-orc Hornist Fellowship figure

Half-orc Hornist
Half-orc Hornist MZ646
This figure was the winning idea from May 2017. This figure had some production issues at the beginning so there was a delay in releasing it, as it was due for release in Jan or February. Mithril finally released it in March 2018. There are 100 made. No assembly is required and the figure is not primed.
The Half-orc was one of two main forces available to Saruman during his attack on Rohan and during his defence of Isengard from the Ents. They were created from true Orcs and Dunlendings. This musician uses his Dunlending horn to pass orders from his commander onto his troops.

You can find out more about the Half-orc Hornist here.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Fantastic Bundle Deal for Easter 2018

Easter 2018 Bundle Deal
Easter Bundle Deal
Prince August has released two more Easter Decoration moulds in March 2018. These extend the range that already has four Easter moulds, bringing the new total to six. These are extremely easy to cast with and there is a video available here to demonstrate that clearly.

To make it easier for new collectors of these moulds or new customers to hobby casting itself, Prince August has created a fantastic bundle deal that will remain available until the start of April 2018.
This bundle contains the following:
  • All six Easter Decoration moulds.
  • 10 Ingots of Model Metal (1.25 kg of metal)
  • Solder Melting Pot (UK or EU plug variant). This can be removed from bundle if desired.
  • Kit 2000 Casting Accessories pack.
  • Super Snipper tool for removing cleanly any ingates from castings.
  • A metal file for cleaning up any rough edges after removing ingates.
  • A set of three different sized quality paint brushes.
  • A set of paint pots with 2 small brushes.
  • Casting instructions.
The price for all this is just 80.49 Euro exclusive of tax or 99 Euro inclusive of Irish tax.
If you remove the solder pot from the bundle the price drops by 24 Euro including tax.

To give you an idea just how great a deal this is, the six moulds ALONE would cost 93 Euro with tax. So for a mere 6 Euro more you get all the rest.

Find out more about the Easter Decorations here.