Friday, 16 March 2018

New Release | Half-orc Hornist Fellowship figure

Half-orc Hornist
Half-orc Hornist MZ646
This figure was the winning idea from May 2017. This figure had some production issues at the beginning so there was a delay in releasing it, as it was due for release in Jan or February. Mithril finally released it in March 2018. There are 100 made. No assembly is required and the figure is not primed.
The Half-orc was one of two main forces available to Saruman during his attack on Rohan and during his defence of Isengard from the Ents. They were created from true Orcs and Dunlendings. This musician uses his Dunlending horn to pass orders from his commander onto his troops.

You can find out more about the Half-orc Hornist here.

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