Friday, 8 August 2014

Mithril Lord of the Rings 'Old woman with chickens' Ms604 32mm scale miniatures.

Old woman with chickens MS604 Mithril miniatures
Mithril has released in August 2014 the October '13 Fellowship winning idea Ms604 'Old woman with chickens'. This is a 32mm scale metal miniature. The member responsible for submitting this idea was 'sicania' (forum username). There are only 150 miniatures available.

This figure shows a peasant farmer from the Northern part of Middle-earth from one of the many farmsteads and Mannish dwellings that can be found in Eriador. For although the three kingdoms in the north were swept away in wars long ago, along with their great lords and warriors, the people remain, farming their lands as best they can in these troubled times and watched over by the mysterious rangers who do their best to protect them.