Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Three new Mithril Miniatures LOTR Summer 2017 releases

MZ634 Easterling Shaman - May 2016 Winning idea

MZ636 Thror with the Arkenstone - July 2016 Winning idea.

Bombur at The Battle of Five Armies miniature
MZ637 Bombur at The Battle of Five Armies - August 2016 Winning idea.
Mithril Miniatures has released three new 32mm scale metal figures in July 2017.  This is the third release this year. These are from the Fellowship club winners from about a year ago.
Bombur is a well known Dwarven character that followed Thorin Oakenshield on his quest to defeat Smaug, a Dragon, and reclaim their ancient treasure from the mountain lair.

Thror was the grandsire of Thorin Oakenshield, and is shown holding the great white gem, the Arkenstone. This gem was so cherished by Thorin that it drove him to madness.

Finally the Easterling shaman continues the tradition of adding unusual characters to the Mithril line. Easterlings were allied to Mordor and shamans practiced their spirituality using drums to invoke trances as part of their rituals.

All three figures are metal, and some, not all, are primed. All require a little assembly. There are only 100 available each at this time and there are duplicate discount offers available.