Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New February Mithril Miniatures released.

In February 2012 Mithril Miniatures released 2 more 32mm scale metal miniatures from their Gold Status Fellowship Club. These are pre-primed to allow swift painting.

These concepts were submitted by members of the club in July and August 2011, and won the relevant votes against stiff competition. There is a limited stock available of only 150 each.

'Crebain reporting to Saruman'

Crebain were a large species of crow that inhabited the land of Dunland during the Third Age. They were often used as servants and spies by various evil powers, notably Saruman. During the War of the Ring, a flock of crebain searched for the Ring-bearer.

Saruman was a powerful wizard that became corrupted and allied himself with Sauron. He was killed in the Shire by Grima Wormtongue and was destroyed utterly as he was denied resurrection since he had betrayed his wizardly order, the Istari.

Crebain reporting to Saruman

'Mauhur, Orc Commander in Isengard'

Mauhúr was an Uruk-hai captain under the command of Uglúk, who's company was one night surrounded by a group of Rohirrim, led by Éomer. When the Uruk-hai attacked, the Rohirrim rode to meet them in a bloody battle where many orcs were slaughtered.
The orcs' captives, Merry and Pippin, found themselves outside the circle and were able to escape into Fangorn Forest. Mauhúr perished with the other orcs in the ensuing battle.
Mauhur, Orc Commander in Isengard