Monday, 16 February 2009

Three Lord of the Rings Masterpieces to collect

The Mithril LotR Fellowship Club has released 3 more superbe miniatures in February 2009.

'Ms505 Ingold at the Rammas Echor'.(below)

'Ms504 Grishnakh of Barad-dur' (below)

'Ms503 King Brand of Dale' (below)

These are 32mm scale metal miniatures and were selected by members of the club for production. All these miniatures are pre-primed in grey paint. If interested in learning more about the Mithril Lord of the Rings Fellowship club please visit our website.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

More Warzone Mutant Chronicles Miniatures are ready to fight for you.


Missing those essential leaders and specialists for your squads? Well now you have the opportunily to fill those gaps today and crush your foes. We have added a further 11 miniatures in plastic bags to six factions. These include Bauhaus Dragoon Sergeant and Kapitan (wolf-head versions), Hussar Kapitan, Mishima Hatamoto Leader, Imperial Wolfbane Commando with Shotgun, Capitol Martian Banshee sergeant, Ranger Grenadier, Cybertronic Chasseur Hero and Sergeant and Dark Legion Destroyer sergeant and Centurion.