Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Crack of Doom - MX600 Designer Vignette by Mithril Miniatures

Mithril Miniatures occasionally produces custom projects for customers to allow them a chance to have their dreams realized. Tom Wrich has commissioned a superb mini-vignette and Mithril has 100 available for sale for 34.95 Euro (ex. VAT) or 42.99 (incl. VAT). It is a first come, first served policy.

The Crack of Doom vignette includes Frodo, Samwise and Gollum, all key characters from J.R.R. Tolkien's books "The Lord of the Rings". This scene depicts the final moments before Gollum's demise in a pit of molten lava in Mount Doom in Mordor.

Frodo and Sam have gone through all sorts of hell to get there, even capturing (temporarily) Gollum along the way as a guide, to reach the 'birthplace' of the One Ring, which Frodo inherited from Bilbo Baggins at the start of the first book, so they can dispose of it. The One Ring, as all Tolkien fans know, contains most of the power of Sauron, the book's top nemesis to all that is good in Middle-earth.

The final moments of seeming victory turned sour when Frodo's will breaks at the last moment and he refuses to destroy the ring, and instead puts it on to escape. Gollum however has been tracking the couple and attacks Frodo at that very moment and bites off the finger with the One Ring. Gollum finally achieves his own personal goal since he lost the ring waaaaay back in The Hobbit book, and Bilbo discovered it on his adventures and kept it. Gollum is consumed with glee, and momentarily forgets where he is standing (on the edge of a cliff) and loses his balance and falls into the lava below, taking the One Ring with him. The lava is the only thing hot enough to destroy the One Ring and with it all the power Sauron needs to achieve total domination over the land.

This is such a pivotal piece that Mithril has assigned MX600 as the number for this vignette.

This vignette is 32mm scale and is primed and does require some assembly.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

New Austrian and Prussian Seven Years War Moulds released in July 2014.

Prince August has released two new moulds in July 2014. These expand the new Seven Years' War range of moulds released a few months earlier. These moulds allow you to cast 40mm scale semi-flat soldiers and due to the new feature of having interchangeable parts, greatly extents the scope of the original release. PA3104 'Prussian Fusilier and Guard Regiment March Attack' and PA3105 'Austrian Fusiliers Advancing and March Attack' both allow you to cast two soldiers each.

The nature of Prince August vulcanised black rubber moulds is you can cast from them hundreds of times per hole so building an army often only requires patience and metal.
Prince August has also helpfully supplied the painting and assembly instructions as PDFs on the product pages too so you can preview everything before you buy.

Remember however that these are just moulds, so you must already have the basic casting equipment and a stock of suitable metal available or buy them with these moulds. It is all available online.
Model Metal is recommended for the best detail and the least wear on the moulds.

July 2014 LOTR Releases: Black Troll-man of Harad and Female Sylvan Elf metal miniatures.

Mithril Miniatures releases two brand new Lord of the Rings 32mm scale miniatures in July 2014. These were June and August 2013's winning ideas suggested by Fellowship members. The first one is the Black Troll-man of Harad, a hybrid creature that is far more intelligent than true Trolls and far stronger and tougher than regular humans. These are front line troops that serve to batter their way through a defensive line.
Far-Harad are allies to Mordor so Sauron can use them in his attacks against Gondor.

The 2nd release depicts a female Sylvan Elf from Mirkwood. She is a herbalist and carries a small knife to further her profession. There was a special bonus for the winner this month (August 2013), and that was to have her face sculpted as part of her chosen Lord of the Rings race. 
Her name is Magali Caspary (forum member: luthien4tinuvielle).