Wednesday, 9 July 2014

New Austrian and Prussian Seven Years War Moulds released in July 2014.

Prince August has released two new moulds in July 2014. These expand the new Seven Years' War range of moulds released a few months earlier. These moulds allow you to cast 40mm scale semi-flat soldiers and due to the new feature of having interchangeable parts, greatly extents the scope of the original release. PA3104 'Prussian Fusilier and Guard Regiment March Attack' and PA3105 'Austrian Fusiliers Advancing and March Attack' both allow you to cast two soldiers each.

The nature of Prince August vulcanised black rubber moulds is you can cast from them hundreds of times per hole so building an army often only requires patience and metal.
Prince August has also helpfully supplied the painting and assembly instructions as PDFs on the product pages too so you can preview everything before you buy.

Remember however that these are just moulds, so you must already have the basic casting equipment and a stock of suitable metal available or buy them with these moulds. It is all available online.
Model Metal is recommended for the best detail and the least wear on the moulds.

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