Friday, 26 February 2016

New Toy Soldier Factory website is now open.

New Toy Soldier Factory Website
New Toy Soldier Factory Website.

The Toy Soldier Factory Visitor Center hosts many workshops and birthday parties for visitors but their website has been the same for 10 years. Not any longer, now the new site is available and it promises to be far more interactive and flexible. Fully mobile friendly, it will display correctly on any platform and it allows visitors to have their own accounts and post comments on any blog posts. We plan on expanding this to include registered users submitting photos too.
Overall the look is fresh, clean and quick, with crisp images and easier navigation, plus a search function.
Why not visit it today and give it a whirl.

Leap Year Sale | Save 50% on most Prince August and Mithril products.

Leap Year Sale
2016 is a leap year, so this Monday (29th) Prince August and Mithril Miniatures have a sale that cuts by 50% most of their products. The exceptions are paints, tools, some accessories and the Edman Collection items.
No coupon or special conditions apply other than the sale starts at 23.59 on Feb 28th UTC and ends 24 hours later.
This is an excellent opportunity to grab some amazing bargains and you should mark it down on your calendar because it will be another FOUR YEARS before it occurs again.

Note: Free Shipping is not available during this sale. F.Y.I.

Mark down on your calendar that the sale starts Monday.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

New Lord of the Rings Fellowship releases: Merien and King Bladorthin in March '16.

Mithril Miniatures has released two more miniatures from its list of Gold Status Fellowship winning ideas in February 2016. Merien, a princess of Dol Amroth, which is a Gondorian fortress, was originally the winner way back in May 2014, but was misplaced for a time, hence the late release date. This figure is 32mm in scale and is primed with the classic primer that allows you to start painting it immediately on acquiring it.

King Bladorthin, an ancient king that ruled the lands near the Lonely Mountain before Smaug came to roost there. His armour is influenced by the Iron Hills Dwarves and the Easterlings. Not much is known about his rule unfortunately but that does not stop this being an excellent figure to collect.
Some assembly is required but the figure is primed.

Both of these releases are extremely limited in quantity, only 150 of each are cast.

Friday, 5 February 2016

3 for 2 Offer on Prince August Roman Wars Moulds and Miniatures until Noon on Feb 9th 2016.

3 for 2 Roman Wars Sale

Prince August is offering a 3 for 2 offer on all their Roman Wars series of moulds and miniatures, at least until noon on Feb 9th 2016 UTC.
This means you can buy three moulds from that series (or three cast figure packs) and get the cheapest one absolutely FREE. If you buy multiples of three you get multiples of the discount too so if you have not tried this beautiful range of 28mm scale fully round figures, showing 1st Century Legionaries and Officers and their Ancient Briton foes then now is the time to start.

This range provides hobby casting moulds for all the stock troops and cast figures for leaders as well as cast figure packs for the stock troops as well. Easy to cast, requires minimal assembly (glue can be used to attach arms or shields).

Up to 33% off all Warzone Mutant Chronicles Wargaming Miniatures until Feb 9th 2016.

Buy More, Save More: Warzone Sale with up to 33% off.
Prince August has a fantastic collection of Warzone games, miniatures and accessories, possibly the best on the internet. Now for the first February weekend, they have set up a tiered discount on all their Warzone merchandise. This discount is applied in four tiers, based on quantity of items purchased, not order total.

So literally the more Warzone products you buy, the more you end up saving.
The starting quantity is at least five products, and the starting discount for that amount is 10%, however the discounts leap up all the way to 33% quite quickly.

If you have not played Warzone before, then this is an excellent opportunity to get a taste of a classic tabletop game that is easy to learn and has high quality metal figures galore to choose from.

To learn more about this short but excellent sale go to the Warzone page here.
Sale ends at noon on Feb 9th 2016.