Wednesday, 5 December 2012

New LOTR Release MS585 'Erestor of Rivendell' Mithril metal miniature

This miniature was released in December 2012.
It was June 2012's winning idea in the Fellowship Club.
Erestor was a Noldo elf and was one of Elrond’s chief councilors and advisors at the stronghold of Rivendell. He was present at the great council which decided that Frodo the Halfling should take the One Ring to its destruction at Mount Doom.
This is a 32mm scale metal miniature, it is primed with Mithril's special primer.

New LOTR Release Christmas 2012 'Girion of Dale' Mithril metal miniature

This miniature was released in December 2012. 
Mithril Miniatures have a tradition of making a special figure at Christmas.

A Northmen city on the Southern slopes of Erebor, Dale was a thriving and wealthy city for much of the Third-age. It's wealth was based largely upon its trade with the Dwarves of Erebor, and its culture and costume had much Dwarven influence. It's last king, Girion, is depicted  wearing a high-pointed helm of Dwarven design with a long surcoat of fine wrought mail. The city was destroyed by Smaug when he descended upon the lonely mountain in 2770 T.A. and Girion was killed in the inferno. Bard the archer of Laketown was a descendant of Girion and Bard’s own grandson became king of the re-founded city after the War of the Ring. This figure is available Antique Finished and Unprimed while stocks last.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

New LOTR Release MS582 'Goldberry communing with river' Mithril metal miniature

This miniature was released in November 2012. It was March 2012's winning idea in the Fellowship Club.

According to Tom Bombadil, he found her long ago by the pool where he gathers water-lilies from the Withywindle river. The races of Tom Bombadil and Goldberry are not known though Goldberry is said to be the daughter of the River-woman. Her voice is beautiful, "as young and as ancient as spring," like the song of a glad water flowing down into the night from a bright morning in the hills." She has long blonde hair, and when Frodo Baggins, Meriadoc Brandybuck, Peregrin Took, and Sam Gamgee first see her, she is wearing a green dress shot with silver and a gold belt. Wide vessels of green and brown earthenware hold floating water-lilies so she seems to be enthroned in the middle of a pool.

This miniature is aimed to depict Goldberry in the river, water up to knee, raising her skirt with one hand. She is bending over the river flow and touches the surface with the other hand. While the river is not present, any diorama builder can easily add this figure into such a scenario.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

New LOTR Mithril Release: Haradrim Bellydancer entertaining Far-Harad trader

Bounded by Mordor to the north and the Mumakan lands to the south lie the deserts of the Haradwaith. Huge in area the lands of Harad are, for the most part, burning wastes. The Haradrim live on its fringes – on the coastal line in the west and in the mountainous regions of Far Harad in the south.

The peoples of the coastal region are great traders and cities such as Umbar act as trading hubs for merchants and travellers.

The traders of Harad ply their goods across the great deserts to Khand and to the east of the Ered Harmal, and find relief from the dust and heat in the several oases which are dotted throughout the burning wastes. Some of these oases have settlements which offer refreshment and entertainment to the weary traveller.
This vignette shows such a scene.

The trader, having watered and fed his camel train is resting, drinking wine and watching a dancing girl.
These miniatures are sold unprimed. They are 32mm scale metal figures.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Mithril Miniature New Release: Funeral Boat of Boromir

Mithril Miniatures new release: Funeral Boat of Boromir

Mithril Miniatures new release: Funeral Boat of Boromir
MS583 - Funeral Boat of Boromir.
Mithril Miniatures has released this exciting new metal collectable Lord of the Rings miniature mid October 2012. The figure is sold unprimed. There is a duplicate discount available for a limited time period.
The boat measures 78mm in length. It was suggested in April 2012 by 'Milo', one of the Mithril Gold Status Fellowship club members.

As Boromir lay dying, he remorsefully confessed to attempting to take the Ring from Frodo, and that his impending death was his penance. He urged Aragorn to save Minas Tirith, as he himself had failed. Aragorn reassured him that he had not failed, that "few have gained such a victory". Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas placed Boromir's body in one of their Elven boats, with his sword, belt, cloak, broken horn, and the weapons of his slain foes about him. They set the boat adrift in the river toward the Falls of Rauros, and sang a "Lament of the Winds" as his funeral song.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Lord of the Rings 'The Madness of Denethor' metal miniature.

This was February 2012's winning idea in the Fellowship club. It was released in September 2012.

Denethor was the Steward of Minas Tirith, the capital city of Gondor. He tried to use a palantir to spy on Sauron's armies but his visions were manipulated by Sauron so they caused despair and disillusionment.
After the poorly judged decision to defend Osgiliath, resulting with the almost fatal injury of his younger son Faramir, and the inevitable siege of Minas Tirith by the monstrous forces of Sauron, Denethor lost all hope and committed suicide.
He ordered his men to burn him alive on a pyre prepared for himself and Faramir. Faramir was saved by the timely intervention of Peregrin Took, with help from Gandalf and the guard Beregond.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

New Lord of the Rings Metal Mithril Miniature: Easterling Emissary

This LOTR miniature is 32mm scale and was released in August 2012.

Easterling was a general name given by the settled peoples of Gondor and Rohan to those nomadic tribes who inhabited the lands of eastern Rhovanion and those vast steppes beyond the sea of Rhun. Divided into many clans and tribes the Easterling peoples were pastoralists who lived in temporary tented encampments and who moved according to the pasturage available to their great herds of horses. Famed for their skill as horsemen and for their dexterity with the composite bow, the Easterlings were fearsome warriors, and on many occasions have raided and invaded the western lands. Two significant invasions into the western lands took place in the Third-age.

NEW Lord of the Rings Metal Mithril Miniature: Halbarad with unfurled standard

NEW 32mm scale metal miniature released in August 2012.

Halbarad brought Aragorn a message from Arwen as well as a standard made by her, which Aragorn asked Halbarad to keep for him for a while.
Halbarad accompanied Aragorn to a chamber high in the Hornburg where Aragorn looked into the palantir and revealed himself to Sauron. That morning Aragorn decided to take the Paths of the Dead under the White Mountains and Halbarad and Grey Company went with him along with Legolas and Gimli. When they reached the entrance, Halbarad said, "This is an evil door, and my death lies beyond it. I will dare to pass it nonetheless..."
At midnight at the Stone of Erech, Aragorn summoned the Dead to fulfill their oaths and Halbarad unfurled Aragorn's standard, which appeared black with no device in the darkness. The Grey Company and the Army of the Dead passed through the lands of the South to Pelargir, where they captured the fleet of the Corsairs. Aragorn dismissed the Dead, and the Grey Company sailed up the Anduin.
When they arrived at the Pelennor Fields in the midst of the battle, Aragorn's standard was once again unfurled but now it was seen to bear the emblem of the White Tree of Gondor and the Seven Stars and Crown of Elendil. Halbarad carried the standard onto the battlefield, where he was killed.

Friday, 27 July 2012

More Warzone Troops Deployed. Collect them today.

Capitol is the most democratic, egalitarian and open of all the mega-corps. It encourages all its people to be the best they can be, and to cherish diversity. This is carried over to its military, where they have many specialists that focus on specific tasks better than anyone else.

So today we have added more capitol miniatures to the mix, including Free Marines and Heavy Infantry. If you share their ideals then you need to acquire these troops to defend them today.

Bauhaus is the ultimate model of efficiency and have a reputation for quality engineering. There is no second rate weapons, there is no compromise. This too is an outlook carried across in the battlefield where no excuses are allowed, where the best is the only option and failure is not tolerated.

We have added one more miniature to this faction today. If you want the best, get it.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Hot Postal Offer: Get FREE postage to many destinations PLUS 30% off Rare LOTR stock.

Until July 30th Mithril Miniatures has reduced the prices of all the 'Rare Stock' Lord of the Rings miniatures by a staggering thirty percent. In addition to this amazing discount we also offer FREE postage to many destinations, including all European Union countries, USA, Canada and Australia. The only requirement, apart from the destinations themselves is that the order exceed 50 Euro in value excluding postage.

Please choose the Free Postage Offer in the 'POST TO' dropdown list in our Shopping Basket. We manually check all orders so if your order does not qualify we will cancel your order.

Friday, 15 June 2012

The Battle of the Boyne 54mm Scale Metal Figures

The Battle of the Boyne 54mm scale metal figures
Prince August has released four figures based on the Battle of the Boyne in 1690 A.D this month.
These require a little assembly and are available unpainted on or handpainted and assembled on the gift site The Edman Collection.

The Battle of the Boyne was fought in 1690 between two rival claimants of the English, Scottish, and Irish thrones – the Catholic King James and the Protestant King William (who had deposed James in 1688) – across the River Boyne near Drogheda on the east coast of Ireland.
The battle, won by William, was a turning point in James' unsuccessful attempt to regain the crown and ultimately helped ensure the continuation of Protestant supremacy in Ireland.
Ironically, some contemporary historians have speculated that William's campaign may have been funded, at least in part, by Pope Alexander VIII as part of a shared hostility with William to Louis XIV of France, who at the time was attempting to establish dominance in Europe and to whom James was an ally.
William's forces defeated James' army of mostly raw recruits. The symbolic importance of this battle has made it one of the best-known battles in British–Irish history and it is a key part of the folklore for the Orange Order.
The Williamite side comprised of 36,000 troops made up of 12 nationalities, among then, Dutch, Danes, Germans, French Huguenots, English, Scottish, Irish, Swiss, Italians, Norwegians and Poles. The Jacobites numbered 24,000 men of five nationalities, Irish, English, Scottish, French and German.
Its commemoration today is principally by the Orange Institution.

The Battle of the Boyne blister pack

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Video on Mithril LOTR painting competition: Beregond fighting Troll at the Black Gate

Mithril Miniatures released a new vignette called Beregond fighting Troll at the Black Gate in March 2012.
Our collectors often love to paint up their collectables and submit gallery photos, and we encourage this.
So we started a competition to see who could paint up this new vignette the 'best', at least from the viewpoint of our two judges, Lars Edman (Mithril founder) and Chris Tubb (Mithril's sculptor).

The rules were fairly standard, avoid digital painting, text and modifications that would change the appearance of the vignette. It was allowed to make a diorama, and some entries took full advantage of that option but it was in no way a requirement.

We should have a list of the winners next week.
I made a little video of the entries on my YT channel. Check it out and post a comment about the entries. They did great work,  considering they did not have a huge window of opportunity to paint the vignette (max of 2 months).

New Mithril LOTR release: MS578 The Passing of Elessar.

King Elessar was crowned in the momentous year 3019 T.A and ruled the united kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor until year 120 in the Fourth age. His queen, Arwen, although of Elven stock, had chosen the fate of men rather than of Elves and remained always in Middle-earth, never seeking passage to the West.
In this vignette both Arwen and her son Eldarion, stand before the tomb of Elessar, which is flanked by Minas Tirith guardsmen. At the foot of the tomb rests the winged crown of Gondor, which Eldarion will inherit. After this Arwen also bade farewell to her son and departed the city forever and passed out of all knowledge into the fading land of Lorien.
This new vignette will be shipped after June 18th. This is unprimed and not assembled.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Mithril Releases: MS576 Junast & MS577 Huorn metal figures.

Mithril Miniatures has released two new 32mm scale metal miniatures in April 2012. These won September and October 2012 votes in the Mithril Fellowship club.

Junast of Far-Harad
Huorns are some of the oldest creatures on Middle-earth. According to Treebeard, they are wild and dangerous, but the Ents take care of them. They may have been Ents that became tree-ish or Trees that became Ent-ish. Or both.They can only communicate with Ents, not other creatures. They have the ability to create darkness to cover their movements, which can be quick and quite, despite their size and shape. Here you see a Huorn dismember an Isengard Orc that was fleeing from the broken siege of Helm’s Deep.

Huorn Junast is an ICE generated character, who appears in the LotR RPG module FAR HARAD (p.17). He was a simple goatherder who undertook a dangerous quest to destroy the body that Vatra (an avatar of Sauron) was creating for himself in the Land of the Sun. He partially succeeded in his quest and at least delayed the return of Vatra.

Friday, 6 April 2012

New Mithril Vignette: 'Beregond fighting troll at the black gate'.

Beregond fighting troll at the Black Gate Mithril Miniatures has finally released one of the most exciting vignettes in years. MS574 contains 4 separate figures plus a large and very detailed base (with 2 dead soldiers on it) and plenty of accessories. It is 32mm scale metal miniature that is NOT primed and does require assembly.

This vignette depicts the opening scene of the battle of the black gate.

The black Trolls of Mordor are unleashed upon the armies of Gondor, and serve as shock troops, cutting swathes through the Gondorian ranks. Armed with war-hammers they strike down all before them. Lying dead on the ground are two Gondorian city spearmen, the Troll’s first victims.

A Dol Amroth infantryman, whose own unit stands with Beregond and his men at this part of the battle front, is kneeling, also wounded by the great Troll. The awful creature itself has just struck at Beregond, shattering his shield.

Beregond, attired in the splendid garb of the Minas Tirith guards staggers back under the impact while a fearful yet determined Pippin, also attired as a Minas Tirith guard, attempts to stand his ground.

This was June 2011's winning Fellowship Club entry. It was released in April 2012.
This has already raised a lot of comments on Mithril's forum. Here are some of them:

"wow!!! what a vignette!!! this is absolutly stunning!"
"ohmygosh! There's no words than can make justice to this."

"Incredible !!!!"

"Brilliant! absolutely brilliant. This is once more Chris Tubb at his very best!!!!!"

"unbelievable .... awesome ..."

"Best vignette since MB279! "

"Like finding the Arkenstone among a pile of other treasures , What a piece of outstanding craftmanship."

"Truly sensational work.....One of the best Mithrils ever.."

Thursday, 22 March 2012

St. Patricks Day parade 2012 in Macroom, Co. Cork, Ireland.

I took these photos during the parade on Saturday March 17th 2012 in Macroom.
Just thought it might be fun to make a little video about it.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Chronopia Spring Sale: Up to 50% off 4 Factions until March 6th.

Chronopia Spring Sale: Save up to 50% on 4 Factions. Chronopia Spring Sale offers you the opportunity to grab up to a hundred figures at a great discount. There are four of the eight factions included in this sale, all of which are excellent allies or adverseries to your present favourite faction.
The Blackblood ranks are Ogres and Orcs and Goblins, all brutal killing machines that will slice and dice your opponents to bits.

The Dwarves are the ultimate defence faction, capable of taking punishment like no other as well as dishing out retribution in spades.

The Stygian Horde is downright scary, and possibly the scariest faction next to the Devout itself.
They seem to have no fear of death, and have a single mindedness that can give even their bravest enemies pause for thought.

Finally the secretic Swamp Goblins, isolationists and private. They rule their lands and have evolved their defences with the local wildlife. Few enter their domain and live to walk out again.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New February Mithril Miniatures released.

In February 2012 Mithril Miniatures released 2 more 32mm scale metal miniatures from their Gold Status Fellowship Club. These are pre-primed to allow swift painting.

These concepts were submitted by members of the club in July and August 2011, and won the relevant votes against stiff competition. There is a limited stock available of only 150 each.

'Crebain reporting to Saruman'

Crebain were a large species of crow that inhabited the land of Dunland during the Third Age. They were often used as servants and spies by various evil powers, notably Saruman. During the War of the Ring, a flock of crebain searched for the Ring-bearer.

Saruman was a powerful wizard that became corrupted and allied himself with Sauron. He was killed in the Shire by Grima Wormtongue and was destroyed utterly as he was denied resurrection since he had betrayed his wizardly order, the Istari.

Crebain reporting to Saruman

'Mauhur, Orc Commander in Isengard'

Mauhúr was an Uruk-hai captain under the command of Uglúk, who's company was one night surrounded by a group of Rohirrim, led by Éomer. When the Uruk-hai attacked, the Rohirrim rode to meet them in a bloody battle where many orcs were slaughtered.
The orcs' captives, Merry and Pippin, found themselves outside the circle and were able to escape into Fangorn Forest. Mauhúr perished with the other orcs in the ensuing battle.
Mauhur, Orc Commander in Isengard

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Fight with Dinosaurs and Dragons with New Warzone Figures releases.

Fight with Dinosaurs and Dragons with Warzone Mutant Chronicles Wargame miniatures.
Prince August has released more Warzone Mutant Chronicles miniatures including the following:

Bauhaus Mounted Hussars.
Bauhaus Major Valerie Duval
Bauhaus Major Johan Emigholtz
Bauhaus Kapitan Konrad Von Juntz
Mishima Bushido Dragonrider

These 28mm metal miniatures make excellent additions to your Bauhaus and Mishima armies today, or will challenge your battle tactics if you chose to include them in the opposition.

Mishima Bushido Dragonrider

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New Year Sale: Save 40% off selected LOTR figures.

New Year Sale: Save 40% off Rare Stock
Happy New Year.
Mithril wants to give you the opportunity to fill those annoying gaps in your Mithril Lord of the Rings collection today. We have 'out of production' stock consisting of 75 excellent metal miniatures based on J.R.R Tolkien's famous books now reduced by an incredible forty percent until January 18th (10 a.m. GMT).
So grab those rare Ents, Hobbits, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, Undead and Humans at their lowest prices in years. Time is running out.