Thursday, 14 June 2012

Video on Mithril LOTR painting competition: Beregond fighting Troll at the Black Gate

Mithril Miniatures released a new vignette called Beregond fighting Troll at the Black Gate in March 2012.
Our collectors often love to paint up their collectables and submit gallery photos, and we encourage this.
So we started a competition to see who could paint up this new vignette the 'best', at least from the viewpoint of our two judges, Lars Edman (Mithril founder) and Chris Tubb (Mithril's sculptor).

The rules were fairly standard, avoid digital painting, text and modifications that would change the appearance of the vignette. It was allowed to make a diorama, and some entries took full advantage of that option but it was in no way a requirement.

We should have a list of the winners next week.
I made a little video of the entries on my YT channel. Check it out and post a comment about the entries. They did great work,  considering they did not have a huge window of opportunity to paint the vignette (max of 2 months).

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