Thursday, 22 March 2012

St. Patricks Day parade 2012 in Macroom, Co. Cork, Ireland.

I took these photos during the parade on Saturday March 17th 2012 in Macroom.
Just thought it might be fun to make a little video about it.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Chronopia Spring Sale: Up to 50% off 4 Factions until March 6th.

Chronopia Spring Sale: Save up to 50% on 4 Factions. Chronopia Spring Sale offers you the opportunity to grab up to a hundred figures at a great discount. There are four of the eight factions included in this sale, all of which are excellent allies or adverseries to your present favourite faction.
The Blackblood ranks are Ogres and Orcs and Goblins, all brutal killing machines that will slice and dice your opponents to bits.

The Dwarves are the ultimate defence faction, capable of taking punishment like no other as well as dishing out retribution in spades.

The Stygian Horde is downright scary, and possibly the scariest faction next to the Devout itself.
They seem to have no fear of death, and have a single mindedness that can give even their bravest enemies pause for thought.

Finally the secretic Swamp Goblins, isolationists and private. They rule their lands and have evolved their defences with the local wildlife. Few enter their domain and live to walk out again.