Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas 5 Euro Voucher Offer.

Christmas 5 Euro Voucher per 20 Euro spent on our products.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Terms & Conditions: Orders received from December 16th 2011 to January 4th 2012 are eligible for a 5 Euro voucher for every 20 Euro in the order, excluding shipping. So if you buy 40 Euro worth of products, we will supply you with 2 vouchers. You can use those vouchers until the end of June 2012 for any future order. If you have more than one voucher you can redeem them together as long as the future order are at least 20 Euro in value PER voucher redeemed, again excluding shipping.

Prince August staff will be unavailable from December 22nd until January 3rd, so all orders received during that time will be processed on our return.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

New Bauhaus and Mishima Releases in December.

New Warzone releases available in December. New Warzone Mutant Chronicles Wargame releases in December 2011.

  • Bauhaus Blitzers Squad, including Sergeant, Grenadier and PLR Specialist.

  • Bauhaus Militia HMG Team,

  • Bauhaus Militia GL Specialist

  • Mishima Ameterasu (high Priestess).

These miniatures are essential to any Warzone wargamer as they add key units to maximise your faction's ability to win the game.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

11.11.11 Weekend Sale. Save 29.5% on everything.

11.11.11 Weekend Sale on Prince August, Mithril and Warzone websitesThis sale has expired on November 14th at 10 a.m. GMT.

November 11th 2011 is a unique event, only witnessed once in a human lifetime. Prince August celebrates this special day by having a massive sale that runs from November 10th to November 14th. All orders that exceed 30 Euro in value, excluding shipping, will gain a gigantic 29.5% off.

Websites that this sale affects:

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Prince August Semi-Flat Military Moulds 25% Off Sale.

Prince August 25% off Semi-Flat Military Moulds

Prince August has a special sale on Military semi-flat moulds will end on October 13th 2011.
It includes ALL the Karoliner, Battle of Rossbach, Irish Wild Geese, 1750's French Moulds and Holger Eriksson's England, France, Sweden, Prussia and Russia armies range.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Pre-Order Mithril's Helm's Deep Pt.2 'Death to the Strawheads' range of miniatures

Mithril LOTR release 'Helms Deep pt.2 Death to the Strawheads
Mithril Miniatures has started accepting pre-orders for the brand new release in our M-series range. These are 32mm scale metal LOTR miniatures.

Helm's Deep was a stronghold belonging to the Rohan and they were under seige by the forces of Saruman from Isengard. Saruman's half-orcs were reinforced by the Dunlending tribes. This release focuses on those tribes. This release compliments the previous release, in 2009, called Gamlings Rally.

Here is the full list that will be released in 2 parts. 5 will be available at the end of October 2011 and the last 5 will be released at the end of November 2011.

M520 Dunlending standard-bearer,
M521 Dunlending swordsman,
M522 Dunlending w two-handed axe,
M523 Dunlending spearman,
M524 Dunlending noble with sword,
M525 Dunlending chieftain,
M526 Dunlending w two-handed axe raised,
M527 Dunlending running w sword,
M528 Dunlending with raised spear,
M529 Dunlending archer.

Mithril has two options per figure. You can buy each one primed, or buy, at a discount, 3 of each unprimed.

New Prince August Catalogue 2011

Prince August Toy Soldier Catalogue

Prince August has released, for the first time in 20 years, a full colour 24 page catalogue of all our toy soldier moulds, metal and paints.

They are available as paperback, or available to view in a virtual format or download as a pdf.

The catalogue contains Karoliners, Napoleonic, Chess, Fantasy Armies, Traditional Toy Soldiers, Vikings, Christmas Decorations, Horses, Sports, Hunting Scene, Romans and Ancient Britons, Prussians moulds and many many more.

New travel app, Ireland: Are We There Yet?

Packed with places to go and things to do with kids on holiday in Ireland available on iTunes App Store today.

• Ireland: Are We There Yet? by Galway-based, mother-of-two, Ann Brehony; a former tour-bus guide with years of experience in dealing with difficult audiences. This app is written with genuine insight, humour and charm.

• Featuring over 130 entries of places to visit in Ireland with kids, this app provides families with an invaluable tool that will keep everyone happy on daytrips or holidays. Covering the country both North and South with new ways of seeing old favourites like the Rock of Cashel and The Giant’s Causeway plus a host of new attractions as diverse as Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory in Belfast or a Toy Soldier Factory in Cork.

• County-by-county listings of family-friendly attractions complete with car games and scavenger hunts to keep the kids amused on the go.

• A full nationwide listing of free outdoor play areas.

• Filled with wonderful photography, each entry has links to websites and YouTube clips giving background information on all the local colour needed to plan a successful stress-free visit.

• The app links you into a whole community of other app users who can share their tips and experiences.

• A treasure-trove of quirky hints on how to find a song for every county, the best local sweets to try and handy pit stops for long journeys.

• Perfect for keeping the kids amused without breaking the bank during the mid-term break.

• This is a must-have holiday helper, constantly updated and available on the go on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch – you’d be mad to leave home without it!

• Price: €2.39, £1.79, $2.99. Published by Sutro Media

For further information about Ireland: Are We There Yet? see preview:
or to request a download

Friday, 16 September 2011

New LOTR Mithril Release: Ent fighting half-Orc Commander.

Ent fighting half-Orc Commander Mithril Miniatures released this miniature in September 2011 as the winning idea in April 2011.

Brief Story about this figure.
During ‘The War of the Ring’ Saruman’s Orcs began to destroy the forest around Isengard. This destruction of trees caused great anger in the Ents as they considered themselves tree shephards.

Merry and Pippin helped encourage action during the Entmoot.

This resulted in a massive assault on Isengard by the Ents and they destroyed any half-Orcs they could find.

Eventually they took control of Isengard and held Saruman hostage.

Price is 32.95 Euro for the 1st item, however additional items have a 5 Euro discount (27.95 Euro).

Released Female Dorwinrim Wine Merchant LOTR Mithril miniature.

Female Dorwinrim Wine Merchant miniature Mithril Miniatures released in September 2011 the May 2011 winning Fellowship idea that won that month's vote.

Brief story about this figure.
Lying on the north-western shores of the sea of Rhun, the land of Dorwinion forms the eastern marches of the great plain of Rhovanion. It is a country famous for its wines, which are traded far and wide across the region. Much of its produce is shipped to Esgaroth and is also highly prized by the Elves of Mirkwood. Dorwinion's Sagathic neighbours must also appreciate its wines and they are doubtless enjoyed in many a chieftain's hall.

This figure represents one of those Dorwinrim merchants who ply their wares across Rhun and Rhovanion. This woman has a small pony which is laden with jars which contain samples of her wine varieties. She is dressed in a style which is an amalgam of the Northmen costume style of Esgaroth, and that of the Easterling peoples of the Rhun are.

The price is 32.95 Euro for the first one, but you gain a 5 Euro discount on duplicates (27.95 Euro).

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Get 20 Euro voucher per 100 Euro order unti Sept 9th 2011

Warzone and Chronopia Special offer, get 20 Euro voucher per 100 Euro spent.
Get a 20 Euro voucher per 100 Euro spent between August 31st to September 9th on any Warzone Mutant chronicles and Chronopia War of the Eternal Realm products.

These vouchers can be used in future orders until November 1st.

Friday, 26 August 2011

End of Summer Sale: Save 20% on Casting Metal until Sept 2nd 2011.

End of Summer Sale: Save 20% on Metal until Sept 2nd 2011

This month of August draws to a close, school term is already starting and 4 long months still loom on the horizon before 2012. So what does one do on cold, wet afternoons and evenings? Well one solution is to break out those moulds you stored away in April and get cracking making new armies, chess sets or dioramas. With a wide range of themes to choose from, you will never be bored.

To help you in this noble venture we have dropped the prices on ALL our metal by an astounding twenty percent (20%) , but only until next Friday (Sept 2nd). The more you buy the cheaper the metal per bar is. Metal bars are now available as low as 2.24 Euro each.*

*based on purchase of 100 bars of Standard Casting metal.

Friday, 5 August 2011

2 New LOTR Mithril Releases in August 2011

MS569 Hirgon, Bearer of the Red Arrow.

Hirgon, Bearer of the Red Arrow MS570 Sam with the cooking apparatus.

Sam with cooking apparatus Mithril Miniatures has released two more 32mm scale metal miniatures in August 2011. These are pre-primed.

The MS570 Figure is the Hobbit Samwise Gamgee. During his adventure with Frodo and Gollum towards Mordor to destroy the One Ring they rested in a glen near a river.

As Frodo rests, exhausted by the drain created by wearing the One Ring, Sam employs Gollum in gathering food (rabbits) and then herbs. Sam then cooked a meal.

MS569 Hirgon, Bearer of the Red Arrow.
Hirgon is an emissary of Gondor, who brought the Red Arrow to Théoden at Harrowdale, in token of Gondor's desperate need for help from its old allies. Its flights were black and its barbs were made of steel, and it took its name from a mark of red painted on the arrow's tip.
Riding back eastward to his Lord, Denethor, Hirgon and his companion encountered Sauron's forces on the Rammas Echor, and were cut down as they tried to escape.

Friday, 29 July 2011


Mithril has manufactured over 600 miniatures over 20 years and we now are giving our customers the opportunity to decide what we make next.
Go to the forum and register for FREE today.

Contact and tell them your username so they can upgrade it to Bronze Level. This is required to take part. This is free too.
The only requirement for membership is that you ordered from Prince August or Mithril sometime in the last 3 years (approximately). If you are new to the company then order something and then join. This project is for customers after all, not random strangers.

We have had numerous enquiries and requests from members about the regular M series and whether we are planning to release further figures in this format.

We realize that there is a significant number of collectors who wish to see more M figures released, and so, after much consultation and discussion we have decided to attempt a rather new and novel experiment with the M series. This new approach not only allows members to choose which M range they would like to see, but also the price will depend on how many orders we receive.

We have carefully considered the pricing structure for the range which will be as follows:
If we sell 100 sets then the price / figure will be €22.50. If we sell 400 sets then the price will be €7.50. We will use a sliding scale of prices to exactly work out the costs of any number of sets between 100 and 400 (thus 120 sets will be a little cheaper than 100 sets). We will also offer a discount on multiples of the same figure which are bought ( €19.95 for 3 figures)

1. Fellowship members and Bronze Level members will decide which range they would like to see produced. We will open a suggestion list for an M range similar to that for the Ms figures, and hold a vote on which suggestion would be most popular. Members can choose anything they wish, as long as it falls within the constraints of the Tolkien licence, and as long as the 10 releases are 10 single figures, or 9 single figures and 1 cavalryman ( or equivalent).*

2. Suggestions can be as simple or as complex as you wish, ranging from a simple title for the range such as “ The men of Dale” to a detailed list of every figure that might be included in the set, with sketches if so desired. **

3. We will open the suggestion page for 2 weeks and keep the poll open for a further 2 weeks. After the winning suggestion has been decided we will publish the complete list of 10 releases.

4. After the range has been announced we will start taking pre-orders for the series. Those members who would be interested in the series can let us know. We will take no payment at this time – we just want collectors to tell us their intent to buy. Anyone can buy this range . It is open to all and not just Fellowship members.

5. If 100 pre-orders have been received at the end of the month we will make the range, put them up on site and advertise them. We will wait a further month for extra orders which would make the range less expensive.

6. We will release the range in 2 parts, the first part as soon as the second month is elapsed and the second part, one month later.

7. Figures will be released in the usual Mithril blister packs

* - There will be some leeway in deciding the contents of the range. While we want to avoid large numbers of double blisters ( cavalrymen and Razaraks!) I will try and be flexible as possible to accommodate essential figures which are a bit more than human sized.

** - members can vote for Helm’s deep 2 ( Death to the Strawheads!) if they so wish but both HD3 and easterlings are too large for this release

Friday, 24 June 2011

Mithril LOTR miniatures: 15% off everything until July 1st.

Mithril Miniatures, the oldest officially licensed manufacturer of metal miniatures based on The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books written by J.R.R. Tolkien have a special one week sale now on.
This sale will deduct 15% off EVERYTHING you place in their shopping basket as long as the total value is at least 35 Euro (ex. P&p). Check it out today.

This may be a good opportunity to try out Mithril's realistic style of 32mm and 54mm scale collectables.
They have produced 600+ different miniatures over the last 20+ years, including any main character you can concieve of.
And if you DO find that Mithril has missed an important character from those famous books you can join their Fellowship club (now also discounted) and suggest your idea and it may be produced if other members support it.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Mithril's New LOTR Release: The Horn of Helm miniature MS567

Mithril's newest LOTR release: The Horn of Helm

The great horn of Helm was housed in one of the towers comprising the great defensive complex of Helm’s Deep. Named in honour of the great Helm Hammerhand, the horn itself was strategically placed so as to echo through the gorge of Aglarond, so as to hugely amplify its sound. It was used both as a warning signal and as a rallying cry, notably during the Battle of Helm’s Deep to signal Theoden’s mounted attack on the forces of Saruman.

The newest Fellowship club miniature was suggested in December 2010. It retails at 24.95 Euro, but duplicates are only 20.95 Euro (available for limited time period).

Friday, 10 June 2011

Soldering a metal Toy Soldier together with a soldering iron.

Sometimes glue is just not your cup of tea, you want firmer hold, perhaps for more demanding wargaming or for your children to be able to be more aggressive when playing with their castings.
In a previous video I showed how to use a gas tank and welding/soldering torch, but most people will not be able to afford such equipment, so today I show how to use a little soldering iron, easily available from any hardware store. We are using soldering wire with a composite of 63% Tin and 37% Lead.

Follow this link if the video above is not working:

This video covers all the important steps to soldering and all in about a 3 minute video. Key to a good solder project is taking the time to clean the metal of all dirt and greese, otherwise the solder will not adhere properly.

The figure we are demonstrating with is the 54mm scale Napoleonic French Artilleryman (PA80-12). He has a ramrod in his hand used for loading the cannon.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Mithril Miniatures: New Lord of the Rings figures, Guthlaf and Thorin III

Thorin III StonehelmOn the 25th of May 2011, Mithril Miniatures released the latest 32mm scale metal LOTR miniatures. These were suggested ideas by members of the Fellowship club in October and November 2010. Chris Tubb designed them with his usual care to attention to detail. Guthlaf (MS565) and Thorin III Stonehelm (MS566) are available to purchase on their Mithril website.
Guthlaf, Theoden's Standard Bearer

Friday, 6 May 2011

How to Vent your Toy Soldier Rubber Moulds.

Find your mould does not cast exactly as planned? Cannot quite get that sword to come out correctly? Well worry no more, Prince August has put together a comprehensive video on the process of venting, often misunderstood or ignored by hobby casters, for fear of permanently damaging the mould.

It covers predrying the mould, warming the mould, analyzing the problem areas, cutting channels easily and in the CORRECT direction, doing a test cast, application of talcum powder and more. All in 5 minutes.

Just check it out today, try venting a mould and enjoy a whole new experience.

Note: using these tips you can use the cheaper standard metal and get much better results too.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

2011 LOTR Easter sale from Mithril Miniatures.

Happy Easter to our customers. We have a special Easter Sale. Save 25% on a wide range of Fellowship miniatures and club clothes.
Mithril Miniatures: Happy Easter to all our customers. To celebrate this years special weekend we have reduced by 25% on a massive range of our Fellowship club miniatures, and also the club clothes.
The sale does not cover the newest releases but it still offers any LOTR collector an unparalleled opportunity to catch up on their collection, and fill those pesky gaps.

Here are the quick links:

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Mithril's Entombed Balrog Stirs to wreak havok.

The Entombed Balrog Mithril Miniatures has released September 2010's winning suggestion from the Fellowship Club this April. 'The Entombed Balrog' is one of the larger releases in the exclusive range of collectable figurines based on 'The Hobbit' and 'The Lord of the Rings' books written by J.R.R. Tolkien. This Balrog was suggested by 'Grond' (username of member) and comes in several pieces so assembly is definitely required. It will NOT be primed as it requires assembly and therefore will need to be primed afterwards. It measures 55 mm in height, measured from its base to the top of the wings. For those who also purchased the original Mithril Balrog box set, the new one is much smaller, partly due to its pose but also due to its many thousands of years of slumber depleting its power.

History: The Balrogs or fire demons were the mightiest of the servants of Morgoth. They were his strongest forces in his battle against the Valar in the First-age of Middle-earth, and possessed not only great strength , but intelligence and sorcery also. They were finally destroyed in the great war between the Valar and Morgoth but at least one survived the breaking of Thangorodrim, fleeing to the east and hiding itself in the very roots of the Misty mountains.

Here the Balrog lay undisturbed and entombed for countless centuries until during the Third-age of Middle-earth the Dwarven miners sunk deep shafts into the mountain roots in their quest for Mithril. Here they unwittingly disturbed the crouching form of the somnolent Balrog.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Mithril LOTR White Council Painting Competition Announced.

Mithril Miniatures ran a painting competition from November to the end of February, to paint the latest box set LOTR release, The White Council.
We received 5 excellent entries, all noteworthy in skill and effort and originality.
However there can only be on 'winner', so our judges, Lars and Chris, came to the decision that Christoph Linscheidt's excellent diorama should win.

To see more information and photos go here.

"I would like to start by saying how difficult it is to judge this competition. I can see the huge amounts of work and imagination that have gone into all these pieces and can only hope that I have done justice to all this by spending a very long time studying and comparing the photographs.

Although it might sound somewhat of a cliché it was indeed very difficult to choose between all the entries and select one as the winner. I am sure that an argument could be made for any of the entries to have been selected as winner and of course there is a subjective element involved in the decision.

The marbled floor effect achieved by Yves Boussin was a beautifully executed piece of work and the globe which held David Daines' vignette was a brilliant concept, and conveyed instantly the idea of the world's fate being decided at the meeting. David's faces are also superbly done, and Saruman conveys just the right amount of pique and irascibility.

Nikolai Egold's Galadriel is a near perfect rendering of what I conceived when designing this figure, and Elrond's costume is painstakingly patterned.

Nino Luk's colour scheme is subtle and pleasing especially the contrast between Gandalf, well travelled and weary and the finery of Saruman who he confronts across the table.

Christoph Linscheidt's vignette is subtle and his colour palette which is predominantly greys and blues conjures up exactly the right atmosphere. The colour scheme alone tells me that this is Middle-earth."
by Chris Tubb, Mithril's Sculptor.

Interested in painting the White Council yourself?

Monday, 7 March 2011

Making a Karoliner Battle scene.

Go to today to see the new releases of Karoliners.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

February 2011 Mithril LOTR releases. Laketown Lady & Orc Wolf Rider

Mithril Fellowship White Hand Orc Wolf ridermetal miniature
With the White Council finally completed, Mithril has completed the next two MS releases that were winners from last summer. These two 32mm scale metal miniatures are limited to only 150 so they are as rare as they come.

White Hand Orc Wolf Rider: (MS561)
Wargs were common throughout Rhovanion and, as the power of Sauron grew, also in Eriador. The Wargs were large evil wolves of some intelligence who allied themselves to Sauron and to the Orcs. They provided swift-footed mounts for the smaller Orcs but like their riders had an innate fear of sunlight and operated best at night. They were used mainly by the Hithaeglir Orcs but also saw service in the armies of Saruman.

Mithril Fellowship Laketown Lady metal miniature
Laketown Lady: (MS562)
Laketown was a wealthy trading entrepot and goods from Rhun, Dorwinion and Dale passed through it en route to the west. It had no kings but some of its great trading families possessed much wealth.
This figure represents a Laketown woman of this class. Her dress is typical of the Northern folk of this period. Unlike the military costumes of Laketown her attire shows little or no Easterling influence.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Save 25% on ALL Prince August Starter Kits until Tuesday 8th.

Save 25% on all our Hobby Casting Starter Kits Prince August loves helping people enjoy the art of hobby casting, so this February they are cutting by 25% ALL their Starter Kit prices.

If you enjoy making your OWN armies from their moulds in minutes then this is a good opportunity to grab some kits. Also ideal for presents to keep the kiddies amused over school mid term break, or as a gift for your loved one for the infamous 14th.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

New Karoliner Moulds released February 2011

New Karoliner moulds from Prince August

Prince August has released 4 new moulds for the Swedish Karoliner army.

These include 4 pikemen and 2 cavalry plus some battlefield accessories.

Each mould is designed to cast up to 500 times per hole.

Prince August has also provided an excellent video on the casting and painting of these pikemen to reintroduce you to this range.

If you like your battle early gunpowder and swords and pikes then this will suit you down to the ground.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Mithril New Year Sale extended. One Quarter Cut for one week.

Mithril is extending the new year sale on for one week only. This new sale cuts 25% or MORE on selected M-series and LR miniatures. This sale only lasts until Jan 28th at 12 Noon GMT.
The Fellowship sale however expires on the 21st so if you missed it so far, go there NOW and get the benefit of BOTH for the LAST DAY. 

Friday, 14 January 2011

Mithril New Year Sale: 20% off Fellowship miniatures for ONE WEEK ONLY

Every year you make resolutions that you never really take seriously and usually you lose interest after 2 weeks. But how about taking a look at the Fellowship club run by Mithril Miniatures, the original manufacturer of metal figures based on The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit in 2011. These are a great creative resolution that will entertain you all year long.
As a member you get to submit your OWN ideas (within license limitations of course) and vote on them, with a cozy membership of true blue collectors you get to chat with about all sorts of topics, mostly LOTR related. The winning idea is produced every month so you might get your dream made into reality.

This sale allows you to JOIN the club for 9.99 Euro. Plus you get to save 20% on most of the Fellowship releases so you can grab all the past jewels of Middle-earth with the satisfaction of a true bargain.

This is a resolution that will keep you going not only for 2011 but for many years after.

Friday, 7 January 2011

2011 50% Off Warzone and Chronopia Games for ONE Week.

Prince August starts 2011 by cheering up all you budding wargamers out there. If you are looking to start a new hobby in the new year you will find all you need here.
Warzone Mutant Chronicles is a tabletop game that has easy to understand rules and detailed miniatures that range across 8 factions. Chronopia is its sister game, based on a more Fantasy universe (dwarves, elves, etc) than Warzone's Sci-fi / Fantasy hybrid theme.

The sale reduces the prices of these games, expansions and books by a staggeringly good fifty percent. Plus the extremely popular bags of 80 miniatures from Warzone is FURTHER reduced to 6.95 Euro. Thats right, 80 high quality plastic figures for less than 7 Euro. Unbeatable.

HOWEVER you only have until January 14th to avail of this sale. It ends at midday (GMT).
Also note that all orders MUST reach the 20 Euro minimum order requirement excluding the shipping costs and taking into account any tax discount for non-E.U. residents.