Friday, 14 January 2011

Mithril New Year Sale: 20% off Fellowship miniatures for ONE WEEK ONLY

Every year you make resolutions that you never really take seriously and usually you lose interest after 2 weeks. But how about taking a look at the Fellowship club run by Mithril Miniatures, the original manufacturer of metal figures based on The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit in 2011. These are a great creative resolution that will entertain you all year long.
As a member you get to submit your OWN ideas (within license limitations of course) and vote on them, with a cozy membership of true blue collectors you get to chat with about all sorts of topics, mostly LOTR related. The winning idea is produced every month so you might get your dream made into reality.

This sale allows you to JOIN the club for 9.99 Euro. Plus you get to save 20% on most of the Fellowship releases so you can grab all the past jewels of Middle-earth with the satisfaction of a true bargain.

This is a resolution that will keep you going not only for 2011 but for many years after.

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