Friday, 24 June 2011

Mithril LOTR miniatures: 15% off everything until July 1st.

Mithril Miniatures, the oldest officially licensed manufacturer of metal miniatures based on The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books written by J.R.R. Tolkien have a special one week sale now on.
This sale will deduct 15% off EVERYTHING you place in their shopping basket as long as the total value is at least 35 Euro (ex. P&p). Check it out today.

This may be a good opportunity to try out Mithril's realistic style of 32mm and 54mm scale collectables.
They have produced 600+ different miniatures over the last 20+ years, including any main character you can concieve of.
And if you DO find that Mithril has missed an important character from those famous books you can join their Fellowship club (now also discounted) and suggest your idea and it may be produced if other members support it.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Mithril's New LOTR Release: The Horn of Helm miniature MS567

Mithril's newest LOTR release: The Horn of Helm

The great horn of Helm was housed in one of the towers comprising the great defensive complex of Helm’s Deep. Named in honour of the great Helm Hammerhand, the horn itself was strategically placed so as to echo through the gorge of Aglarond, so as to hugely amplify its sound. It was used both as a warning signal and as a rallying cry, notably during the Battle of Helm’s Deep to signal Theoden’s mounted attack on the forces of Saruman.

The newest Fellowship club miniature was suggested in December 2010. It retails at 24.95 Euro, but duplicates are only 20.95 Euro (available for limited time period).

Friday, 10 June 2011

Soldering a metal Toy Soldier together with a soldering iron.

Sometimes glue is just not your cup of tea, you want firmer hold, perhaps for more demanding wargaming or for your children to be able to be more aggressive when playing with their castings.
In a previous video I showed how to use a gas tank and welding/soldering torch, but most people will not be able to afford such equipment, so today I show how to use a little soldering iron, easily available from any hardware store. We are using soldering wire with a composite of 63% Tin and 37% Lead.

Follow this link if the video above is not working:

This video covers all the important steps to soldering and all in about a 3 minute video. Key to a good solder project is taking the time to clean the metal of all dirt and greese, otherwise the solder will not adhere properly.

The figure we are demonstrating with is the 54mm scale Napoleonic French Artilleryman (PA80-12). He has a ramrod in his hand used for loading the cannon.