Wednesday, 7 May 2014

New Mithril Lord of the Rings Fellowship releases in May 2014.

Mithril Miniatures has just released two brand new exciting 32mm scale metal figures in their ongoing Fellowship club range. These were the winning ideas for April and May 2013 submitted and voted on by members of that club.
MS598 'Tarannon Falastur, 12th king of Gondor' is the first miniature. This is already primed but does require a little assembly so some strong model glue is required (but not included).
Tarannon was referred to as the first ship-king, because of his efforts in building up the Gondorian navy. He was married, unhappily, to Beruthiel, but it ended with his exile of his wife (and cats) and his lineage ending with him.

MS598 Tarannon Falastur, 12th king of Gondor.
MS599 'The Razarac attacking' is an extremely rare choice for a miniature, and Mithril has only ever produced one previously, M78, way back in 1989. This revised figure is more dynamic and will require some assembly (wings and arms need attachment). Due to this, it is sold unprimed.
The Razarac seems to be related to the fearsome Balrogs, and bring terror and death to the Far-harad deserts they inhabit. This was a MERP creation.

MS599 The Razarac attacking
Finally if all these wonderful figures was not enough good news, Mithril is offering special bulk purchase discounts as well, for a limited time.