Thursday, 1 September 2016

Mithril Miniatures releases three new figures in October '16.

UPDATE Jan 1st 2017: These three figures have been redone using traditional methods and thus will not have the 'MZ' prefix but default to the 'MS' only.
The first figure is a toy peddler from the town of Dale, before Smaug redecorated it with flame. We have named it MS625 Erebor Dwarven Merchant with toys.
Erebor Dwarven Merchant with toys.

The next figure, November 2015 winning idea, is the Easterling Champion MS627. Easterlings are allied to Mordor but fight in the old fashioned but honorable style of Champion vs Champion.

Easterling Champion

The final figure for September is King Dain Ironfoot MS628, a warrior without peer that aided Thorin Oakenshield during the Battle of the Five Armies. 

King Dain Ironfoot.

There are 100 of each of these in production at present. Each are primed and MS627 does require a little assembly (shield and arm). They are all 32mm scale metal miniatures.