Tuesday, 12 December 2017

2017 Christmas Release | Christmas Children Mould

Making your own decorations is a cherished tradition in many homes. The difference with Prince August is that you can make metal decorations which are long lasting heirlooms. Just cast the figures from our mould as many times as you wish, depending on how much metal you wish to use, and prime and paint them. Alternatively you can simply polish them or antique finish them with some black gloss paint and thinners.

Christmas Children - Decorations for your tree this Christmas.

In December 2017 Prince August has released another adorable Christmas Decoration mould called Christmas Children. It includes two different figures in a single mould, with one child dressed as an Angel holding a tiny Christmas tree and another child as a carol singer. Both have small hoops on their heads for attaching string to allow you to hang them from your Christmas tree. They also have flat bases so you can stand them on your mantlepiece or table if you so desire.

This means you have quite a selection of decorations to choose from in total, including Santa himself, reindeer, candles and holly, Santa's sleigh and even snowflakes as well as many more festive options.
Prince Imrahil comes from the principality of Gondor called Dol Amroth. He lead an army of seven hundred men of Belfalas to the aid of Minas Tirith, Gondor's capital city, to resist the invading armies of Mordor and their Corsair allies. His forces were the only Gondorian cavalry at that battle. Imrahil was known as a great warrior at both the battles at the Pelennor field and before the Black gate of Mordor.

Mithril Miniatures traditionally releases a Christmas figure, themed around a leader. This figure is 32mm scale and requires assembly. It is therefore not primed or antique finished. This is a change in the normal format due to the new design process (i.e. helmet is separate from body) which made it very difficult to offer the normal finish without charging more than normal for it due to labour involved. To compensate for this the price has been reduced from 22 Euro to 19.76 Euro (including V.A.T).

There were 100 of these made. It was released in the middle of December 2017.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Mithril December 2017 releases: Aragorn at the Black Gate & Galadriel of terrible aspect.

Mithril Miniatures has released two more 32mm scale metal miniatures at the start of December 2017. The first is a Gold Status Fellowship winning idea from June 2016 that has suffered delays for the last couple of months. It depicts Aragorn at the Black gate of Mordor. Aragorn lead an army to the gate to challenge Sauron directly in order to distract his gaze from Mount Doom so that Frodo and Sam could destroy the One Ring, the source of much of Sauron's power. Product code is MZ640.

It has been several years since Mithril has released a vignette so we are delighted to a display an important event in the travels of the two Hobbits charged with the destruction of the One Ring. While in Lothlorien, Frodo wanted to give the ring to Galadriel, as she was one of the few beings on Middle-earth that could hope to stand against Sauron, its original owner. However such power was extremely dangerous, even if intentions were pure and in a vision Frodo saw what might occur if Galadriel welded such power, and it was terrifying. She refused the ring and Frodo had to continue on in his adventure. Galadriel of terrible aspect is MZ648. 

Both of these releases are unprimed and require assembly. Glue is not included.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Spanish Armada 1588 Chess moulds | November 2017 Release.

Spanish Armada 1588 Chess moulds

Prince August has released in November 2017 chess moulds that allow you to cast the English and Spanish sides for the Spanish Armada 1588. 
The Spanish Armada was sent up the English channel by their King, Philip II, to bring his army from Flanders over to England to depose the current Queen, Elizabeth I.
The English had different ideas and knew that they had to prevent the landing of a Spanish army on English soil. While at sea they had the advantage and harrassed the Spanish Fleet all the way up the Channel and with the help of their Dutch allies drove the Spanish into retreat, via sailing around England via Scotland and returning to Spain eventually. The storms were so fierce that many of the armada's ships were wreaked off the coast of Scotland and Ireland, resulting ultimately in the loss of about 45 ships out of the initial 130 that had left Spain.

Spanish Armada 1588

Buy both sides of the Spanish Armada chess moulds here.

These moulds will allow you to cast 54mm scale metal chess pieces. Casting metal and equipment is sold separately. 
It is also an ideal opportunity to try out our new Solder Melting Pot, and also cast with Pewter metal rather than our Model Metal. Normally casting in Pewter is harder due to the technical issues in getting that metal hot enough on a normal stove or hotplate. Our Solder pot can heat the metal easily however so with a slight turn of the knob you can scoop out 5 Star pewter just as easily as Model Metal. Currently we even offer half price 10 ingot deal. Grab 8 more bars and you have enough for a chess set.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

November 2017 releases: Frodo and the mirror of Galadriel and Gildor Inglorion in robes.

Frodo and the mirror of Galadriel
Frodo and the mirror of Galadriel MZ641
This was January's winning idea and shows Frodo, during his visit to Lothlorien, looking into the mirror of Galadriel. Such a mirror has magically powers to show the past, present and future. He saw Aragorn battle the Corsairs and also saw Sauron's unceasing search for the One Ring.

Gildor Inglorion in robes
Gildor Inglorion in robes.
This was December 2016's winning idea and shows Gildor, a Noldo Elf, at the court of Cirdan where he shortly departed Middle-earth for the west. Gildor was a bit of a wanderer and visited many places including Rivendell and the Grey Havens.

Both of these figures are 32mm scale and are metal miniatures. None are primed and some assembly is required so some superglue is recommended.

Originally MZ640 Aragorn at the Black Gate had been planned for November but that has been pushed back to December now due to some minor issues with its design.

Aragorn and the Palantir remade for November 2017.

Mithril has remade the special Gold Status Fellowship figure that we originally released way back in 2005. The updated one has the exact same pose but is created using our new 3D processes in terms of design and creating the master. The figure is still 32mm scale. It does require assembly and is not primed, unlike the original.
The figure is Aragorn as he holds up the Palantir, a kind of seeing stone that is connected to other Palantirs and openly challenges Sauron, who is connected to it via another stone.

This figure can be bought separately or as part of the membership fee for the Fellowship club.

Friday, 22 September 2017

September Mithril Fellowship Releases: Isengard Waymark Pillar and Elven Cartographer.

Mithril Miniatures has released two more 32mm scale metal miniatures that were winning ideas in our Fellowship club. These won September and November 2016 final voting rounds.
The Isengard Waymark pillar is an unusual architectural piece but has precedent as Mithril has released other pieces like the 'Doorway - The Chamber of Mazarbul' before. This pillar has a hand pointing towards the tower of Orthanc, the home of Saruman the turncoat wizard. This piece does require a little assembly as the base comes separate from the pillar. There is no primer.
Isengard Waymark pillar MZ635
The Elven Cartographer is not a named character figure or part of an army, that also shares a tradition among Fellowship releases, where the figure is not always part of the standard story-line in the books but exists in the larger world of Middle-earth. Other examples are, for example, 'Erebor Dwarven Merchant', 'Female Sylvan Elf' and 'Old woman with chickens'. These beautiful pieces adds that extra richness to the loved stories that J.R.R. Tolkien crafted with his writings allowing creative collectors to build dioramas that showcase elements of Middle-earth that are personal to themselves. This figure comes in three pieces and has no primer.
Elven Cartographer MZ639

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

New Mithril Releases: 'Elfhelm mounted' and 'Deadman of Dunharrow'

Mithril is moving ahead to release a stream of new miniatures to catch up on the Fellowship club backlog of winning ideas over the last few years. The delay is largely due to the teething problems of converting over to a new production and design method. The learning curve was steeper than we realised. However that is in the past and we are now able to release two figures per month.

The first figure is Elfhelm mounted, a Rohirrim Marshal of the Mark, that fought during the War of the Ring against the Easterlings and Orcs of Mordor.

The second figure is a Deadman of Dunharrow, an oathbreaker that had been summoned by Aragorn to aid in defeating the Corsairs of Umbar. This feat would fulfill the Dunharrow dead's promise to serve the true king and they were released from their curse.

These figures are 32mm scale, made in metal. They are unprimed and do require a little assembly.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

NEW RELEASE: Seven Years War Artillery moulds in August 2017

New Prince August moulds | Seven Years War Artillery moulds.
Prince August Seven Years War Artillery moulds
Prince August has released three new products this August. Previously they released infantry moulds for nations Prussia, Russian, France and Austria (including Hungarian forces) and now for the first time they have supplemented those moulds with artillery moulds. These new moulds include a cannon (2 moulds) and four crewmen (two per mould). The cannon has four interchangeable barrels and the crewmen have interchangeable heads so they can represent different nations.

Seven Years War Artillery Cannon mould from Prince August
PA3117 Seven Years War Artillery Cannon / Howitzer label.
To those not familiar with the series, the Seven Years War range covers one of the first truly worldwide wars in human history.
The Seven Years' war took place in the mid-eighteenth century and involved most of the great European powers of the day. Prussia, allied with Britain faced a coalition of many other states, notably Austria and France but also Sweden, Saxony and later Spain. Two separate conflicts really stood at the root of the war.
Firstly the struggle between an emergent Prussia and Austria over the Holy Roman empire and other disputes and secondly a developing colonial rivalry between Britain and France.
The main focus of the war was Europe but it also spread to the New World and India. Russia also participated in the Seven Years War at first on the side of Austria but later switching to an alliance with Prussia.

Seven Years War Artillery mould - Officer and Crewman carrying round.
Seven Years War Artillery Crewmen mould PA3118 - Officer and Crewman carrying round.
The moulds are vulcanised rubber and can be reused hundreds of times. They are suitable for low temperature metal casting, like pewter or one of the Prince August alloys like Model Metal.
The scale is 40mm and the figures are semi-flat (excluding the cannon which is fully round). Some assembly of cast pieces is required so superglue or solder is required.

Seven Years War Artillery moulds - Aligner and Crewman with ram-rod.
Seven Years War Artillery mould - Aligner and Crewman with ram-rod.
There is a bundle offer for all three moulds which saves you 10%. Prince August also offered for a limited time a special half price metal deal which expires at noon on Friday August 4th 2017 GMT+1.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Three new Mithril Miniatures LOTR Summer 2017 releases

MZ634 Easterling Shaman - May 2016 Winning idea

MZ636 Thror with the Arkenstone - July 2016 Winning idea.

Bombur at The Battle of Five Armies miniature
MZ637 Bombur at The Battle of Five Armies - August 2016 Winning idea.
Mithril Miniatures has released three new 32mm scale metal figures in July 2017.  This is the third release this year. These are from the Fellowship club winners from about a year ago.
Bombur is a well known Dwarven character that followed Thorin Oakenshield on his quest to defeat Smaug, a Dragon, and reclaim their ancient treasure from the mountain lair.

Thror was the grandsire of Thorin Oakenshield, and is shown holding the great white gem, the Arkenstone. This gem was so cherished by Thorin that it drove him to madness.

Finally the Easterling shaman continues the tradition of adding unusual characters to the Mithril line. Easterlings were allied to Mordor and shamans practiced their spirituality using drums to invoke trances as part of their rituals.

All three figures are metal, and some, not all, are primed. All require a little assembly. There are only 100 available each at this time and there are duplicate discount offers available.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

World Leader 40mm Series - President Donald Trump figure on Kickstarter

Donald Trump Kickstarter figure.

Prince August is proud to announce a brand new venture in 2017. We are seeking your interest in a World Leader series of moulds. These will be 40mm scale and cast fully rounded metal figures of famous modern world leaders. 

The most famous leader at present is the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, so we will start with him. The figure will be in a standing pose, respectful and clothed in his traditional suit. 

We will let Mr. Trump tell you what he thinks from a tweet he sent us.

Donald Trump tweet about Kickstarter project
In order to fund this brand new project we have decided to set up a KickStarter project. We are offering a range of funding donation options. We have the deadline for the end of April.
Here is a screen cap of our KickStarter project page. Click it to learn more.
Donald Trump Kickstarter project

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February Mithril releases | Tobold Hornblower, Snow-Troll and Orophin figures

MZ624 Tobold Hornblower Mithril Miniature
MZ624 Tobold Hornblower
Mithril Miniatures released three more MZ figures at the end of February 2017. These are digitally designed minis that were cast in metal and primed or undercoated with grey primer paint. These figures are 32mm scale. The first one is MZ624, Tobold Hornblower, the Hobbit that was credited with cultivating pipeweed. This figure was the winning idea way back in May 2015 in the Fellowship club. It is a beautiful piece showing the tiny Hobbit smoking his creation and holding a pot of it for gift or sale to his Shire friends.

MZ629 Snow Troll metal miniature from Mithril.
MZ629 Snow-Troll
 The fierce Snow-Troll is the northerly cousin of the Stone Trolls and while a little smaller in stature, they make up for that with more brutality, if such a thing was deemed possible. They harass any travellers brave enough to venture north during the night. They are still subject to immobilization during the daylight hours if caught outside. This was the winning idea from January 2016.

MZ633 Orophin of Lorien metal figure from Mithril Miniatures.
MZ633 Orophin of Lorien
Finally the last figure is the Silvan Elf Orophin of Lorien, brother of Rumil and Haldir. He is a skilled archer that guards the woodlands of Lothlorien, in the realm of Galadriel, the Elven queen. This was the winning idea from April 2016.

Friday, 10 February 2017

'The Prince and I' article by Scott Dummitt.

           Prince August Moulds and myself go back a long ways. I was 18 years old when I got my first set so we’re talking 43 years ago. I even remember my first mould; it was an 18th Century Musketeer figure standing shooting. Believe it or not I still have it in my box of moulds. I thought I would approach this subject as the days of buying a couple of dozen figures to create a display of soldiers have gotten rather expensive for most of us. It has also gotten difficult to find the right bands that we want for our display, and yet with a set of moulds we can still create small armies at a rather respectable cost.

            With the use of a hot plate, a starter set and my first mould I was able to create a firing line of British soldiers representing a Royal regiment from the French & Indian wars. Of course the same mould could be used for producing a French regiment as well. The early sets of moulds produced by Prince August Limited were made in Ireland, and then shipped to Sweden for packaging, so many of us believed that they were a Swedish company. In fact the owner of the company, Lars Edman, is Swedish. The factory is now found in Kilnamartyra, Macroom, Co.Cork, Ireland and both production and packaging are done in the same place.

            Most of Prince August Limited’s early moulds were 40mm or 25mm figures, and while you could do a lot of moulding using lead weights, it didn’t fulfill that need many of us wanted, 54mm. Then something wonderful happened. The company started producing 54mm moulds of Prussian Seven Years war figures. While still not an era I was deeply interested in, it was a start. Time at University, and an early 1st marriage, took me away from the hobby for a while. I still dabbled in trying to paint connoisseur style using Imrie/Risley miniatures and Airfix sets, but as far as the toy soldier style went, that was out. Then something magical happened in the 1980s when I was in the Navy. William Britain Limited came out with a ceremonial set of the Cameron Highlanders and I was hooked once again. I also found John Tunstill’s Soldiers Soldiers in the UK while on leave and was able to not only purchase finished products, but could purchase the castings as well. This all lead back to me collecting Toy Soldiers again and getting involved with a group in Victoria, BC.  This round about story leads me back to Prince August Moulds.

            While stationed at Esquimalt, I met a former Canadian Guardsman/PPCLI Officer named Steven Brodsky. Steve was a wonderful gentleman and taught at Royal Roads Military College. At one of our meetings Steve brought in the Colours and Escort of the Royal Roads Cadets. He had made the set from a recently released 54mm set of moulds produced by Prince August Limited. I desperately wanted to get my hands on this set of moulds as I could imagine doing countless regiments of Canadian & British units. It would be another 5 or 6 years before I could find them. Remember there really was no internet of home computers in the late 80’s.

            Eventually I was transferred to Ottawa after a trade transfer and things didn’t start off to well while I was there. I was frustrated with the military and my second marriage fell apart. It was a pretty low time in my life and then I came across a small store in Norwood, Ontario that sold militaria, soldiers, and prints. The gentleman who owned the store had some Prince August Limited 54mm moulds that he wanted to sell off (they were used) of the Dragoons and Household Cavalry. I purchased these from him and using tire balancing weights; I started moulding a Blues & Royal mounted band. I used any band instrument arms that I had managed to scrounge or collect over the years and constructed the tenor drums from cigar sleeve holders and wine bottle lead cork wrappings. A few months later I showed the set to the store owner and he suggested I start making the figures for purchase. By this time I had also found the address for Prince August and had received a catalogue from them in the mail. I may not have had a lot of extra cash at that time, but using the Prince August moulds and a little ingenuity, I was able to start getting back in the hobby. It also started me off with my own business.

            In 1996 I created figures for the Canadian War Museum and sold them on consignment in their small souvenir shop in the old location. This also lead to my first contract for figures when I was approached by Marty Lane of the Governor General Foot Guards kit shop to create 100 sets of a Guardsman and Sentry Box for their 125th Anniversary. While I produced the Guardsmen from the Prince August “Toy Soldiers on Parade” moulds, I purchased 100 W. Britain sentry boxes from OMSS member Richard Malott. Dick told me later that it was the largest single sentry box order that Britains had ever had. If you look at the official GGFG web page today, you can see that they still have some of my sets in stock.

            Today I only use the basic body to start creating figures for my business and all figures are cast using lead free pewter. Using spare heads, and Milliput you can make a lot of different figures with the basic moulds. All of the PRIDE OF THE NATION figures that I produce have been built off of the headless, armless figure you can cast using Prince August. The great things about these sets are you really are only limited by your imagination and your abilities. Casting figures and painting them gives you the ability once again to create large groupings for a fraction of the price that finished products cost. Some of my personal creations are the Corps of Drums Canadian Guards, REME Staff Band, the RCN Stadacona Band, the Corps of Drums Fort Henry Guard, the mounted band of the Blues & Royals, “Brock’s Last Charge” and countless other figures. The Corps of Drums Canadian Guards set has extremely strong feelings for me. I had started the figures around 2006, but had put them aside. Then in late 2007 I decided to finish them off and put them in the 2008 OMSS competition. I had found a wooden side drum rim to use on the display base and my Dad took the time to strip it and sand it for me. This was our last project together as my Dad passed away early in 2008. I finished the project for the show that year and if you look at our OMSS pamphlet you can see that the unit is the center photo.

            Yes, the Prince and I have had a long relationship together. I expect it will continue until my hands aren’t steady enough to hold the moulding ladle or a paint brush.

Examples of Scott's painted work.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

New Year 2017 Sale on Prince August moulds.

Prince August has just started a large sale on many products today (Jan 17th), including reducing some moulds to just 1 Euro (exc. tax). However stock is very limited so first come first served. We have put the stock numbers up on the sale too, so you can see what is available per sale item.

Also Prince August has reintroduced our Lucky Dip Mould bags. Each bag contains five random moulds. There are no documentation with these moulds but they are all unused. There are less than 20 bags for sale and as I write this that number has already dropped almost in half.
This sale will end at noon on Jan 24th 2017, unless we sell out before the weekend, which is possible.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Mithril Miniature MZ630 Duinhir Painting Competition. Entries to be submitted by Feb 16th.

MZ630 Duinhir of Morthond.

Mithril Miniatures wants to invite you to paint our latest MZ figure, Duinhir of Morthond, and tell us how you did it, and as a reward the best entry gets five free releases (figures that are released after closing date).
The conditions are pretty simple:

  • No digital text of any kind including watermarks. 
  • No digital backgrounds, if you put a background in, make it a real one.
  • No other figures are to be in the photo.
  • Figure cannot be altered physically in any way, or obscured in some fashion.
  • Photo must be jpeg format, highest quality possible.  Over 1200 pixel size.
  • MZ630 must be photographed clearly and in focus.
  • Take at least six supportive photos to show progress in painting figure.
  • Write some supportive text (in English) for each photo or overall to explain your thought process in approaching this figure.
  • Video submission (via youtube link) is allowed but must supplement other requirements, not replace them.
  • Final entry date is midnight February 15th 2017 GMT.
  • Only one entry can win.
  • Entries submitted by email, info at mithril dot ie, with subject line "MZ630 Painting Competition Entry".

The winning entry will be used in advertisements for Mithril. Credit will be given to the artist on the website. The homepage of Mithril will link to an article all about the winning entry and this competition, giving the title "master painter" to the artist. They will win the next consecutive five MZ figures released by Mithril Miniatures for free, postage included.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

MZ630 Duinhir of Morthond - FIRST 3D designed Mithril Miniature released in 2017.

MZ630 Duinhir of Morthond - First 3D digitally designed Mithril figure.

This is stage two of a two part transition from traditionally clay sculpting figures to fully 3D digitally designing and printing master figures. Finally, after a year of frustrating delays, we are able to start producing the new type of miniature. The figures available for sale are still cast in metal, but their master figures have been completely produced using the new techniques for the first time.

Duinhir is therefore the first to bear the letters MZ instead of the MS in its product code. All future miniatures, from the Fellowship range, will have that code for the foreseeable future.

This figure was the winning idea from February 2016, and was suggested by Fellowship member 'barliman'.

Duinhir was a Gondorian lord that lead his two sons and five hundreds skilled archers to aid Minas Tirith, Gondor's capital, during the siege by Mordor. His archers were particularly useful against the huge Mumakil and their war towers. Unfortunately Duinhir lost his two sons during that battle.

This metal figure is 32mm scale, primed in grey undercoat and does require a little assembly (bow with partial arm and sword are separate and need to be glued on).

As a special introductory offer, Mithril Miniatures has cut the normal price by 50% to allow everyone to see just how amazing the new figure is. The detail is crisp and clear and the figure will look astounding when skillfully painted.

MZ630 Duinhir of Morthond - back and front views.