Friday, 1 December 2017

Mithril December 2017 releases: Aragorn at the Black Gate & Galadriel of terrible aspect.

Mithril Miniatures has released two more 32mm scale metal miniatures at the start of December 2017. The first is a Gold Status Fellowship winning idea from June 2016 that has suffered delays for the last couple of months. It depicts Aragorn at the Black gate of Mordor. Aragorn lead an army to the gate to challenge Sauron directly in order to distract his gaze from Mount Doom so that Frodo and Sam could destroy the One Ring, the source of much of Sauron's power. Product code is MZ640.

It has been several years since Mithril has released a vignette so we are delighted to a display an important event in the travels of the two Hobbits charged with the destruction of the One Ring. While in Lothlorien, Frodo wanted to give the ring to Galadriel, as she was one of the few beings on Middle-earth that could hope to stand against Sauron, its original owner. However such power was extremely dangerous, even if intentions were pure and in a vision Frodo saw what might occur if Galadriel welded such power, and it was terrifying. She refused the ring and Frodo had to continue on in his adventure. Galadriel of terrible aspect is MZ648. 

Both of these releases are unprimed and require assembly. Glue is not included.

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