Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Get 20 Euro voucher per 100 Euro order unti Sept 9th 2011

Warzone and Chronopia Special offer, get 20 Euro voucher per 100 Euro spent.
Get a 20 Euro voucher per 100 Euro spent between August 31st to September 9th on any Warzone Mutant chronicles and Chronopia War of the Eternal Realm products.

These vouchers can be used in future orders until November 1st.

Friday, 26 August 2011

End of Summer Sale: Save 20% on Casting Metal until Sept 2nd 2011.

End of Summer Sale: Save 20% on Metal until Sept 2nd 2011

This month of August draws to a close, school term is already starting and 4 long months still loom on the horizon before 2012. So what does one do on cold, wet afternoons and evenings? Well one solution is to break out those moulds you stored away in April and get cracking making new armies, chess sets or dioramas. With a wide range of themes to choose from, you will never be bored.

To help you in this noble venture we have dropped the prices on ALL our metal by an astounding twenty percent (20%) , but only until next Friday (Sept 2nd). The more you buy the cheaper the metal per bar is. Metal bars are now available as low as 2.24 Euro each.*

*based on purchase of 100 bars of Standard Casting metal.

Friday, 5 August 2011

2 New LOTR Mithril Releases in August 2011

MS569 Hirgon, Bearer of the Red Arrow.

Hirgon, Bearer of the Red Arrow MS570 Sam with the cooking apparatus.

Sam with cooking apparatus Mithril Miniatures has released two more 32mm scale metal miniatures in August 2011. These are pre-primed.

The MS570 Figure is the Hobbit Samwise Gamgee. During his adventure with Frodo and Gollum towards Mordor to destroy the One Ring they rested in a glen near a river.

As Frodo rests, exhausted by the drain created by wearing the One Ring, Sam employs Gollum in gathering food (rabbits) and then herbs. Sam then cooked a meal.

MS569 Hirgon, Bearer of the Red Arrow.
Hirgon is an emissary of Gondor, who brought the Red Arrow to Théoden at Harrowdale, in token of Gondor's desperate need for help from its old allies. Its flights were black and its barbs were made of steel, and it took its name from a mark of red painted on the arrow's tip.
Riding back eastward to his Lord, Denethor, Hirgon and his companion encountered Sauron's forces on the Rammas Echor, and were cut down as they tried to escape.