Wednesday, 5 March 2014

New Release: Seven Years War Prussian Moulds

Prince August has just released its new Seven Years' war series of moulds. Working in close collaboration with wargamers and experts on the period, they have produced a range of moulds whose flexibility is such that many troop types and variants can now be produced.
This new system features much more detailed and accurate figures than ever before with heads, bodies and other accessories produced separately. The first three moulds feature the Prussian infantry of Frederick the Great and these three moulds alone can produce regular infantrymen, drummers, standard-bearers, NCO’s and officers of the three main troop types; musketeers, grenadiers and fusiliers.

The Seven Years' war took place in the mid-eighteenth century and involved most of the great European powers of the day. Prussia, allied with Britain faced a coalition of many other states, notably Austria and France but also Sweden, Saxony and later Spain. Two separate conflicts really stood at the root of the war.

These moulds include assembly, history and painting guides to assist beginners and experienced hobby casters in getting the most out of these great moulds.

Example of a Seven Years' War Prussian mould.

Go to their Seven Years' War page to learn more.