Wednesday, 9 December 2009

LOTR Christmas 2009 back on track, Broggha approved by Tolkien Enterprises.

Every year Mithril Miniatures makes a special Christmas celebration figure and this year is we have released Broggha, Hillmen Chieftain. This 32mm scale miniature is on a larger base than our regular releases, as seen in the photo and its name is on the bottom of the base.

Broggha was a strong, cunning leader of the Hillmen, and gained power through brutal means. He is shown here holding aloft the severed head of one of his foes, gloating over his victory.
Tolkien Enterprises have approved this release this week, so we have made it available to our Fellowship members again.
Shipping begins early next week. Unfortunately some of our international customers may not receive it in time for the 25th due to the final shipping dates to some destinations.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Lord of the Rings Christmas 2009 miniature awaiting approval

Our Christmas figure is temporarily taken off our website as Mithril was a bit impulsive and posted it before we had given enough time to have cleared it with Tolkien Enterprise. We will have an update on December 14th about the release date on the figure.
Any customers who have ordered it already will be notified of the delay.

Lord of the Rings Isildur and the One Ring Bonus figure.

Mithril Miniatures appreciates the loyalty of our Fellowship club members and we have worked to produce a key character, Isildur, and will GIVE it to our members for FREE when they have bought all our 2007 releases (12 figures).

Many of our customers have all the releases so all they need to do is select this miniature with their next order.

Isildur defeated Sauron in battle by cutting off Sauron's ring finger, which separated him from the One Ring containing most of his power. Unfortunately Isildur ignored Elrond's advise to destroy the ring in Mount Doom and instead he kept it as an heirloom.
This resulted in his doom and the eventual rise in power of Sauron again.

So what was the 2007 releases in the Fellowship club?
  1. MS465 Corsair Admiral.
  2. MS466 Thranduil's Standard Bearer.
  3. MS467 Ent Trumpeting.
  4. MS468 Haradrian Champion on Warcamel.
  5. MS469 Lossoth Hunter.
  6. MS470 Aragorn & Eomer meet in midst of battle.
  7. MS471 Troll Drummer.
  8. MS482 Forging of Anduril.
  9. MS483 Annatar fighting Celebrimbor.
  10. MS494 Haradrian Chieftain.
  11. MS496 Witch-King in his true form.
  12. MS497 Theodred, Prince of Rohan.

Just get at least one of each to qualify, if you already have them then you qualify anyway.

What if you want 2 of this bonus figure? Well if you have duplicates of the others then you get a duplicate of this one FREE as well.

Get your FREE miniature MS534 Isildur and the One Ring today.

Lord of the Rings Half-Troll Angmar Standard Bearer released

Mithril has released a new miniature from the Gold Status LOTR Fellowship club, that won the April 2009 vote. There are only 150 produced and they are priced at 24.95 Euro each, duplicates are reduced to only 19.95 Euro.

The Fellowship club is made up of the elite Lord of the Rings collectors who love Mithril miniatures and J.R.R. Tolkien's writings, and every month they submit their unique ideas to our forum and vote on them. The winning idea is produced and only available to the members. If you are interested in becoming one of these elite collectors apply to Mithril Miniatures Fellowship club today.

More info about this release: Angmar was a land in the far north of the Misty Mountains founded by the Nazgul Witch-king. The ringwraith serves Sauron so Angmar waged war on any allies of Gondor near them.
In the Battle of Fornost the forces of Angmar were defeated and the Witch-king fled to Mordor, leaving his realm to its fate.

This miniature is primed in grey primer to allow collectors to paint them immediately.