Thursday, 16 July 2015

New Russian Army Moulds from the Seven Years War range on Prince August in July 2015

Seven Years War Russian Release of Moulds by Prince August
Prince August previously released the Hungarian regiments from the Austrian Army in late 2014, and due to a large amount of renovation of their factory, had a hiatus on new releases. But now that the work has largely finished they are back making new and exciting soldier moulds once again.
This time they are releasing four new moulds from the Russian Army, with Summer and Winter Uniforms. As with the previous releases they all have interchangeable heads so even with four moulds, there is a wide scope for creativity. These new moulds include Grenadiers and Musketeers and have the usual Standard Bearers, Drummers, NCO's and Officers included.

For those not familiar with the series, these are 40mm scale figures that customers can cast hundreds of times at home using these black rubber moulds. Full assembly and painting guides are included and there is historical data detailing the type of army setup was popular for each faction. You can download most of these as pdfs from the website product pages.

The Seven Years' War was a mid 18th Century worldwide conflict, perhaps the most internationally fought war to date in human history. So far Prince August has included the Prussians, Austrians, Hungarian regiments in the Austrian army and, as of July 2015, the Russians.

Russian Moulds from the Seven Years War by Prince August

Future expansions will include cavalry and artillery.