Thursday, 6 October 2011

Prince August Semi-Flat Military Moulds 25% Off Sale.

Prince August 25% off Semi-Flat Military Moulds

Prince August has a special sale on Military semi-flat moulds will end on October 13th 2011.
It includes ALL the Karoliner, Battle of Rossbach, Irish Wild Geese, 1750's French Moulds and Holger Eriksson's England, France, Sweden, Prussia and Russia armies range.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Pre-Order Mithril's Helm's Deep Pt.2 'Death to the Strawheads' range of miniatures

Mithril LOTR release 'Helms Deep pt.2 Death to the Strawheads
Mithril Miniatures has started accepting pre-orders for the brand new release in our M-series range. These are 32mm scale metal LOTR miniatures.

Helm's Deep was a stronghold belonging to the Rohan and they were under seige by the forces of Saruman from Isengard. Saruman's half-orcs were reinforced by the Dunlending tribes. This release focuses on those tribes. This release compliments the previous release, in 2009, called Gamlings Rally.

Here is the full list that will be released in 2 parts. 5 will be available at the end of October 2011 and the last 5 will be released at the end of November 2011.

M520 Dunlending standard-bearer,
M521 Dunlending swordsman,
M522 Dunlending w two-handed axe,
M523 Dunlending spearman,
M524 Dunlending noble with sword,
M525 Dunlending chieftain,
M526 Dunlending w two-handed axe raised,
M527 Dunlending running w sword,
M528 Dunlending with raised spear,
M529 Dunlending archer.

Mithril has two options per figure. You can buy each one primed, or buy, at a discount, 3 of each unprimed.

New Prince August Catalogue 2011

Prince August Toy Soldier Catalogue

Prince August has released, for the first time in 20 years, a full colour 24 page catalogue of all our toy soldier moulds, metal and paints.

They are available as paperback, or available to view in a virtual format or download as a pdf.

The catalogue contains Karoliners, Napoleonic, Chess, Fantasy Armies, Traditional Toy Soldiers, Vikings, Christmas Decorations, Horses, Sports, Hunting Scene, Romans and Ancient Britons, Prussians moulds and many many more.

New travel app, Ireland: Are We There Yet?

Packed with places to go and things to do with kids on holiday in Ireland available on iTunes App Store today.

• Ireland: Are We There Yet? by Galway-based, mother-of-two, Ann Brehony; a former tour-bus guide with years of experience in dealing with difficult audiences. This app is written with genuine insight, humour and charm.

• Featuring over 130 entries of places to visit in Ireland with kids, this app provides families with an invaluable tool that will keep everyone happy on daytrips or holidays. Covering the country both North and South with new ways of seeing old favourites like the Rock of Cashel and The Giant’s Causeway plus a host of new attractions as diverse as Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory in Belfast or a Toy Soldier Factory in Cork.

• County-by-county listings of family-friendly attractions complete with car games and scavenger hunts to keep the kids amused on the go.

• A full nationwide listing of free outdoor play areas.

• Filled with wonderful photography, each entry has links to websites and YouTube clips giving background information on all the local colour needed to plan a successful stress-free visit.

• The app links you into a whole community of other app users who can share their tips and experiences.

• A treasure-trove of quirky hints on how to find a song for every county, the best local sweets to try and handy pit stops for long journeys.

• Perfect for keeping the kids amused without breaking the bank during the mid-term break.

• This is a must-have holiday helper, constantly updated and available on the go on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch – you’d be mad to leave home without it!

• Price: €2.39, £1.79, $2.99. Published by Sutro Media

For further information about Ireland: Are We There Yet? see preview:
or to request a download