Monday, 8 December 2008

Lord of the Rings Mithril Christmas Figure 2008 - 'Sharkey Flees North'

Lord of the Rings Mithril Christmas Figure 2008 - 'Sharkey Flees North'
This is a 32mm scale metal miniature, which is Antique Finished.

STORY: After the destruction of his power, the wizard Saruman, with a few of his trusted agents, fled the wreck of Isengard to avoid capture and traveled northwards, presumably through Dunland, where he would still have some support. eventually he arrived in the Shire where he was to establish a new power base. He was known from this time, especially in the Shire, as Sharkey, which in origin was probably derived from the Orcish SHARKU meaning old man.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Free Shipping this Christmas from Prince August

*Conditions: All Orders must be over 50 Euro, excluding shipping and taxes. European Union Customers gain Free standard shipping, or can choose registered shipping for just 5 Euro. All other customers can get half price shipping, using either registered or standard post. This insanely generous offer will end on December 8th so hurry and order today.
This offer extends to all our ranges, so no exceptions there. Ideal for Christmas gifts and Casting starter kits.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

20 Year Anniversary Lord of the Rings miniature released next week.

Mithril Miniatures is proud that we have been manufacturing Lord of the Rings metal figures for 20 years, since 1988. Our sculptor, Chris Tubb is responsible for all the miniatures we have produced.
This is M500 Gandalf on the bridge of Khazad-dum in the Mines of Moria. Gandalf's pose is challenging the mighty Balrog (Demon) that inhabited the mines to give time for his party members (Aragorn, Frodo, Sam, etc) to escape. Mithril Miniatures made the Balrog of Moria (MB300) many years ago and this finally makes a great addition to our collection.

This figure is made in pewter and is primed with Mithril's special paint (grey) so it is ready to paint. The scale is 32mm.

We will be adding to our website next week (17th of November 2008) so this is your opportunity to acquire a piece of miniature history. There will be a limited stock of 250 produced.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

New Prince August Factory mini-website

While Prince August has been in Cork for over 30 years, we have only had a visitor centre for about 12 of those years, and every year thousands of faithful tourists make their way to our little village of Kilnamartra ('Cill Na Martra' in irish) in County Cork in Ireland and visit our factory.

We have opened up a shop and miniature gallery and give every tourist the opportunity to see a free casting demonstration, which takes about 5 minutes. This is universally enjoyed as it is very unique and a lot of fun.

I have, on occassion, even allowed some interested customers to cast, under supervision, some miniatures themselves.

To further this experience I designed a new website, linked from Prince August's main homepage, or accessed via domain to supply any tourists all the information they might need when deciding to visit our Factory.

If anyone has any comments on the site, please contact me using the princeaugust contact emails. The Factory Visitor Centre is open 9 to 5 weekdays and additional times during June, July and August months.

Prince August Upcoming Warzone Mutant Chronicles releases.

Prince August has stated previously that they bought a huge stock of miniatures, some in blister packs and boxes and many loose in boxes in July '05.

We have listed the Warzone Mutant Chronicles figures on our mini-site called and it has proven very popular over the last 3 years.

Due to this popularity we have engaged in sorting out some of the metal miniatures in these boxes so we can sell them to fill gaps in our collection. Thankfully some were somewhat presorted into small boxes but the process is a difficult one.

So far we have released about 25 sets of figures, and plan more over the coming months. These are however limited stock only as we can only sell miniatures we judge in perfect condition. All the other loose figures will be melted down and used for making Mithril miniatures.

The next release of 10 more sets of figures from the Warzone Mutant Chronicles universe will be at the end of August. They should include some Tiger Dragons, Northern Sons, Brotherhood Arch primates, Cybertronic Mirrormen, Dark Legion Children of Ilian and Bauhaus Dragoons (wolfhead versions) as well as some others.

Lord of the Rings Knights of Dol Amroth miniatures available to preorder.

Mithril Miniatures, A Prince August website that specialises in Lord of the Rings collectable miniatures have added the option to preorder the newest release of 32mm scale figures at the end of July. They will ship in the middle of August.

The Knights of Dol Amroth were allies to Gondor and their leader, Prince Imrahil, lead about 700 men-at-arms and knights to defend Minas Tirith, Gondor's capital city, from the hordes of Mordor.

The release consists of 10 miniatures, all primed so that you can start painting them immediately. Some assembly might be needed for shields or arms with weapons. Glue is not included but we do recommend epoxy glue.

Prices start at 5.50 Euro for men-at-arms and 7.50 Euro for mounted knights.
Shipping worldwide, these magnificent soldiers will be a highlight of any LotR collection.

Mithril Miniatures has produced over 650 Lord of the Rings miniatures during the last 20 years that we have held the LotR license from Tolkien Enterprises.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Look out Cavan and Bath, Prince August is coming.

Hi again, following an exciting week end with the wargamers of UCD at Leprecon, we move on.

Next Venue Cavan, at the Equestrian Centre, my man Finbarr is taking the trailer to the Military Motor Vehicle Show. On Saturday 5th April 2008
This is a chance to see all those super tanks, jeeps and the like. I did their sister show at the Curragh last year and it was a wonderful day out, so get there.

We then move on to England, to the Royal Bath and West of England Showground, Shepton Mallet, Somersetto the Event with longest name I have yet come across. the South West Model Engineering, Model Making and Hobbies Exhibition.
It is on 12th and 13th April and promises to be a feast of delights for you hobby casters.

Don't forget if you need any items from our superb range, just let us know a few days in advance and we will have it at the show, thus saving you postage. You can also discuss any problems you have, or suggestions.

And if any of you feel like helping me on the odd week-end let me know on
It can get a bit hectic with queues of people waiting to try out their hand a casting and painting the models.

After that these dates have been booked, more are being added all the timeso watch this blog

Saturday 10th May The Curragh, a Military Motor Vehicle show, last years' was great
Sat/Sun 17th & 18th Dublin Model Soldier Society holds their Annual Show, this one is special and I will tell you all about it soon. It is going to be a knock-out

May 31st - June 2nd Art in Action at Townley Hall, Drogheda, another fantastic event, more later

Hope to see you at these events