Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Prince August Upcoming Warzone Mutant Chronicles releases.

Prince August has stated previously that they bought a huge stock of miniatures, some in blister packs and boxes and many loose in boxes in July '05.

We have listed the Warzone Mutant Chronicles figures on our mini-site called and it has proven very popular over the last 3 years.

Due to this popularity we have engaged in sorting out some of the metal miniatures in these boxes so we can sell them to fill gaps in our collection. Thankfully some were somewhat presorted into small boxes but the process is a difficult one.

So far we have released about 25 sets of figures, and plan more over the coming months. These are however limited stock only as we can only sell miniatures we judge in perfect condition. All the other loose figures will be melted down and used for making Mithril miniatures.

The next release of 10 more sets of figures from the Warzone Mutant Chronicles universe will be at the end of August. They should include some Tiger Dragons, Northern Sons, Brotherhood Arch primates, Cybertronic Mirrormen, Dark Legion Children of Ilian and Bauhaus Dragoons (wolfhead versions) as well as some others.

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PrinceAugust said...

We have released the 10 sets of miniatures this week (11th of November). All are 9.99 Euro each, and most include 4 figures & accessories (The Children of Ilian have 10 figures). There are limited so order early to avoid disappointment. These are not blistered but sold in plastic bags, however they are perfect and contain the required slot bases so in reality it makes no difference at all.