Wednesday, 6 August 2008

New Prince August Factory mini-website

While Prince August has been in Cork for over 30 years, we have only had a visitor centre for about 12 of those years, and every year thousands of faithful tourists make their way to our little village of Kilnamartra ('Cill Na Martra' in irish) in County Cork in Ireland and visit our factory.

We have opened up a shop and miniature gallery and give every tourist the opportunity to see a free casting demonstration, which takes about 5 minutes. This is universally enjoyed as it is very unique and a lot of fun.

I have, on occassion, even allowed some interested customers to cast, under supervision, some miniatures themselves.

To further this experience I designed a new website, linked from Prince August's main homepage, or accessed via domain to supply any tourists all the information they might need when deciding to visit our Factory.

If anyone has any comments on the site, please contact me using the princeaugust contact emails. The Factory Visitor Centre is open 9 to 5 weekdays and additional times during June, July and August months.

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