Thursday, 2 April 2015

30% off chess set moulds until April 3rd

Prince August has slashed its prices on all its chess moulds, excluding the newest release, the Medieval chess, and the spare pawn moulds until noon on Friday April 3rd 2015 (BST).

There is nothing quite as satisfying as playing a game of chess that you made yourself. It adds extra zing to the whole experience. Prince August has a wide array of themes to choose from as well so you will never be bored by being forced to cast the same thing over and over. 

One of the most popular chess sets are the Staunton chess set, which has no historical theme, but is favoured by chess players who simply want a classic looking set, without the distractions of themes. It is also the cheapest chess set to make as it only requires one side instead of two and needs a LOT less metal to cast due to the thinner pieces.

The 2nd most popular set is our Crusades chess set, which includes Richard the Lionheart vs Saladin. These are knights and castle pieces that fit the chess theme seamlessly. The popularity of this set inspired us to make another medieval themed set. It was actually an accident that the new Medieval set, based on the Battle of Agincourt, would be released on the 600th anniversary of that historical event. It must be fate.

Casting a chess set may seem daunting but it actually is incredibly easy. Once you have warmed up your moulds you can cast a chess piece in 5 minutes. It will not be long before you have the entire set cast and primed awaiting the decision on how to paint them. Many sets have painting guides but, as with many open ended creative hobbies, you can do a bit of historical research yourself and paint the figures to your hearts content.
Here is a sample of what one customer, John Lubinski, did when he let his creative juices flow. This chess set is the Field of Cloth of Gold, Henry VIII and Francis I.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Tragedy Strikes at the heart of new Battle of Waterloo Exhibit.

Prince August today has found out that the shipment of the new Battle of Waterloo diorama has gone missing. It was shipped via container as it is a massive 8 meters by 4 meters diorama containing 15,000 hand painted and hand cast miniatures.

We know that it left Cologne intact but when it was being transferred to a container in Rotterdam, something went wrong. The container was found empty when port officials checked them before transport today and the entire diorama, dismantled into 42 packages 1 meter square have gone missing.

Prince August is in contact with André Rudolph, its creator over an eight year period. He is shocked and dismayed at the news but hopes that the police will find some leads.
We are still not sure what the motive is for this giant theft but people should watch out for any offers of large quantities of 25mm Napoleonic metal miniatures on Ebay or Amazon over the next few days.
If you have any questions about this tragic tale please contact Michael at Prince August today.
Update April 2nd: This was a hoax.

Friday, 27 March 2015

New Prince August Medieval Chess Moulds to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt.

Prince August in March 2015 has released their latest 54mm scale metal chess set as moulds. This means you can cast and paint them however you want. Typically Prince August offers some painting guides to hobby casters that are fond of quick and simple tips on painting this historical chess set.

The battle of Agincourt took place in 1415 and the two kings involved were Henry V and Charles VI. The English army consisted of a lot of archers with their longbows and even though they were outnumbered on the day, due to many varied factors, including wet weather and poor French tactics, the English gained a complete victory. It resulted in many French knights either dying or being captured for ransom.

This chess set can represent any battle between the French and English during the Hundred Years' War period of conflict during those centuries.

Each side has three moulds and each mould has two figures per mould. These moulds are vulcanised rubber so will allow many hundreds of castings before wear and tear become a factor in the quality of the castings, if you use low melting point metal. Prince August promotes their Model Metal as the very best metal for any castings, with its fine details and low melting point, it is guaranteed to give a fantastic finish.

Another bonus for this set is that there is no assembly required at all. The only thing to glue together is the soft felt bases underneath the chess pieces to help protect the chess boards from scratches during use.

So if you enjoy highly detailed metal pieces, with well researched historical themes, then this new set is up your alley. To cast a full 32 pieces you should budget for about 16 bars of metal (a little less than 2kg).

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Warzone Resurrection Wargaming Range added to Prince August

Warzone has been a very popular range of wargaming miniatures and games for Prince August stockists since first acquired in 2006. In 2015, Prince August is expanding that game to include the brand new Resurrection series, by Prodos games.
In March the first shipment has arrived and contains all the Warzone Resurrection miniatures & vehicles from Imperial, Bauhaus and Dark Legion forces.

Warzone Resurrection Bauhaus Starter Box contents

This game is compatible with the Classic series of Warzone Mutant Chronicles so you can either use many of these miniatures with the older game, or use your current stock of older miniatures with the new game rules. Some new miniatures do exist however and they are impressive and exciting additions to be sure.

There has been a lot of buzz about this new long awaited game release and you can certainly find plenty of discussion online about it. Here is a video review of the new book of rules and some Dark Legion forces.

One massive advantage of the new range is the availability of the larger vehicles that were either unavailable previously from Prince August or had sold out over the intervening time. These currently include the Black Widow, Grizzly Tank, Hurricane Walker and Greyhound LAFV as well as many others.
These larger vehicles add extra carnage and help balance out the game and give you far more options than you had before. There are even an upgrade for the already ultra powerful Hurricane Walker if you really want to own the battlefield. I pity the enemy player that tries to stop one of those.
So if you are a fan of Warzone, all the way from the early 90's, or just looking for a great tabletop game that has great sci-fi sculpts and easy learning curve, then this game should be your first choice.

Friday, 30 January 2015

UPDATE: Check out the French side of the upcoming Medieval Chess Set.

These are the french pieces that will be part of the Battle of Agincourt themed Medieval Chess Set.
These can be cast from moulds and will be available to buy in February 2015 from Prince August.
The battle took place in 1415, so this year is the 600th anniversary of that important conflict.
You can see the preview of the English side here on this blog. Post your comments below.

Battle of Agincourt Medieval French King Chess Piece

Battle of Agincourt Medieval French Queen Chess Piece

Battle of Agincourt Medieval French Knight Chess Piece

Battle of Agincourt Medieval French Bishop Chess Piece

Battle of Agincourt Medieval French Pawn Chess Piece

Battle of Agincourt Medieval French Rook Chess Piece

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Upcoming release of a new Medieval Chess Set in February 2015.

New Medieval Chess Set

This year is the 600th anniversary of the famous Battle of Agincourt (1415). This epic battle was between France and England and showcased a huge number of longbowmen on the English side which played an important part in their resulting victory.
This chess set is in 54mm scale and will be available as moulds in February. More information will be available next week. This chess set was designed by Chris Tubb.
These are previews of the English side of this new Medieval Chess set.

Medieval Chess Set - English King

Medieval Chess Set - English Queen

Medieval Chess Set - English Bishop

Medieval Chess Set - English Knight

Medieval Chess Set - English Pawn

Medieval Chess Set - English Rook

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

New LOTR Fellowship release: 'Sangarunya - black Numenorean' MS611
Sangarunya is a powerful foe to face, appointed by his Nazgul master to the status of Warlord as a young man, he lead his forces to a string of victories in rapid succession, demonstrating his loyalty to Sauron the dark lord of the rings.  
Sangarunya wears the magic mail and the dragon-emblazoned, red surcoat characteristic of the mighty of AkhĂ´rahil's forces.

His red, leather faced shield bears the same symbol, he wields a Haradrian scimitar as weapon and his silver-gold helmet is of the karma design.

This 32mm scale metal miniature is primed and read to paint.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Lord of the Rings Balin and a Female Orc Shaman Healer released by Mithril Miniatures.

Mithril has just released, on the 20th of November 2014, two more highly detailed Lord of the Rings Fellowship metal figures.
Balin the Lord of Moria helped Thorin against the mighty dragon Smaug at the Lonely Mountain. This 32mm figure is very detailed, possibly the most detailed Dwarf Mithril has ever made.
This figure was suggested by a Fellowship member way back in March 2014.
Balin, Lord of Moria Mithril Miniature

The second figure is a unique one, the first time ever that Mithril has released a female Orc. It is uncommon for female Orcs to leave their caves, but some do accompany the male Orcs on campaigns against the other races. This one has taken up the crafts of Shamanism and Healing. She knows enough about herblore to help keep Orcs healthy and can also use special herbs to enter shamanistic states. This figure was suggested by a Fellowship member way back in February 2014.

Female Orc Shaman Healer Mithril Miniature

Friday, 14 November 2014

New Hungarian moulds support Austria in the Seven Years War

On November 14th 2014 Prince August has extended the current range of their Seven Years War moulds. These three Hungarian moulds can cast fusilier and grenadier infantry, NCO, Drummer, Standard Bearer and Officer.

Seven Years War Hungarian moulds

As with the last two releases, these include interchangeable heads so you can be more flexible with a smaller amount of moulds than ever before.
These Hungarians fought in the Austrian army but have their own colour scheme and uniform. There are assembly instructions and a painting guide included with the moulds, but also made available as pdfs on the product pages if needed. There is also a pdf of flags available for printing.
Prices are the same as last time at 12.15 Euro (Ex. V.A.T) per mould.

It is important to remember that each mould can cast hundreds of times and each mould has two figures in it so you can, with care, get about 1000 cast soldiers from a single mould. All you need to do is keep melting metal.

Here is some historical information from Prince August about the Hungarians in the Austrian army:

The Holy Roman (Austrian) emperor was also the king of Hungary and the Austrian army comprised 10 Hungarian regiments as well as the 39 Imperial or German regiments. The Hungarian  regiments incorporated some elements of their national dress in their uniforms, notably their distinctive trousers.
Each regiment comprised 16 fusilier and 2 Grenadier units. The grenadier companies would, in the field, be detached from their parent regiment and merged with grenadier companies from other regiments to form a grenadier corps.

All 10 Hungarian regiments wore  a white coat (the traditional colour of the Holy Roman empire) and the distinctive Hungarian trousers. The hair of the rank and file was tied into side-plaits and only the officers had the side curls in the style of the German infantry. Standards were carried by officers.

Friday, 7 November 2014

MS608: Bandobras Took kills Golfimbul - 'The invention of golf' Mithril miniatures

The invention of golf - Bandobras Took

Mithril Miniatures has released another great Fellowship set of two figures this November. This depicts the moment that Bandobras Bullroarer Took, the largest Hobbit ever recorded, struck the head off the Goblin leader Golfimbul, with a club, and it landed in a rabbit hole. This event is credited, by Hobbits, as being the inspiration for the game of golf.
These miniatures are 32mm scale, primed in grey primer and will require assembly.
This is a limited edition of 150 and was December 2013's winning idea from the Fellowship club.
It was sculpted, as usual, by Chris Tubb.
Buy it today before it sells out.

The invention of golf - Bandobras Took