Thursday 17 April 2014

April's Seven Years' War Moulds Update 

Last month Prince August launched the first three moulds for our new Seven years war range using a revolutionary  new casting system. Completely different from anything produced before these moulds use a modular system with separate bodies, heads and accessories, which enable you to produce many more troop types and variants with many fewer moulds.

As an example, from our first three moulds which represent Prussian infantry you can make units of Grenadiers, musketeers and fusiliers all complete with their respective complements of NCO’s officers and drummers. Each mould contains information about the different troops and clear line-drawings which show you  how to assemble them and what troop types you will need for each unit. Also our new system of attaching heads to bodies gives you almost invisible joints and by using our new Super-gel the end result is almost as strong as a one-piece casting.

Working closely with wargamers and experts on the period we  aim to  expand the range to cover all major armies and troop types of the period.
Our next release will comprise  two  moulds : the first together with the components from the first three moulds will allow you to make Austrian fusilier regiments, again with all their officers, NCO’s and drummers, in both advancing and “March attack” poses. The second mould, again with components from the first three Prussian moulds will allow you to make the Prussian guard regiment, and all the previous Prussian  units in the “March attack" pose.

This will be followed by three moulds of the “Hungarian” troops of the Austrian empire, which will allow you to make Hungarian fusiliers and Grenadiers, and also Austrian grenadier units. All moulds contains full instructions on how to create all the different troop types.

Future releases include:

PA3104 Prussian guards regt , March attack pose and fusilier drummer

PA3105 Austrian (German) fusiliers, advancing and March attck

PA3106  Hungarian infantry: officer and standard-bearer

PA3107  Hungarian drummer and NCO

PA3108  Hungarian inf advancing and march attack

PA3109  Russian infantry  in Summer uniform

PA3110 Russian infantry drummer and NCO

PA3111 Russian infantry – Observation corps, winter uniforms and guards regt.

Moulds 3112 to 3118, will cover cavalry ( cuirassiers and dragoons ) for the Prussian, Austrian and Russian armies, together with artillery.

Cute New Easter Decoration Moulds in April 2014

New Easter Decoration Moulds from Prince August

While Prince August does specialise in toy soldier moulds, it has in the last few years branched out to expand its' ranges to include seasonal decorations, first for Christmas and now for Easter. These decorations require no assembly or glue and are really fun to paint. These new moulds allow for one decoration to be cast hundreds of times and are very detailed on both sides. There are little hoops attached to allow you to hang them from trees during the Spring Equinox celebrations. They symbolise renewal, new life and fertility, and link to ancient customs and beliefs that stretch back thousands of years.

But what if you don't want to use them as tree decorations? Well they can stand by themselves so they make beautiful gifts to friends and family, and make a refreshing change from the traditional and sometimes unhealthy habbit of giving chocolate versions to people.

These figures can measure approximately 70mm in height when cast and are flat with the exception of the small stands on the bottom. Both sides are identical. The amount of metal required varies per mould but you can cast between 2 and 4 figures per Prince August Model Metal ingot.

If you have not cast before then check out the Prince August video page for all sorts of tips on the subject.

Wednesday 2 April 2014

New Mithril Miniatures in April 2014: Haradan Musician & Earendur, Last King of Arnor.

Mithril Miniatures has released two new 32mm scale metal miniatures (actually three as MS596 has two figures) in April 2014. These are due to ship on Monday April 7th.
There has been a gap of about 6 months since Mithril released the last MS figure. This delay was down to technical issues with the new master figures that had to be resolved before moving forward with the releases.
The first figure(s) was the November 2012 winning idea, 'Haradan Musician', inspired by an earlier release that included a Haradrim Bellydancer MS540.
The 2nd release was March 2013 winning idea from the Fellowship club and represents Earendur, last king of Arnor.
Both of these releases will be primed and will need a small amount of assembly.

Haradan Musician Mithril Miniatures MS596

Earandur, last king of Arnor Mithril Miniature

Wednesday 5 March 2014

New Release: Seven Years War Prussian Moulds

Prince August has just released its new Seven Years' war series of moulds. Working in close collaboration with wargamers and experts on the period, they have produced a range of moulds whose flexibility is such that many troop types and variants can now be produced.
This new system features much more detailed and accurate figures than ever before with heads, bodies and other accessories produced separately. The first three moulds feature the Prussian infantry of Frederick the Great and these three moulds alone can produce regular infantrymen, drummers, standard-bearers, NCO’s and officers of the three main troop types; musketeers, grenadiers and fusiliers.

The Seven Years' war took place in the mid-eighteenth century and involved most of the great European powers of the day. Prussia, allied with Britain faced a coalition of many other states, notably Austria and France but also Sweden, Saxony and later Spain. Two separate conflicts really stood at the root of the war.

These moulds include assembly, history and painting guides to assist beginners and experienced hobby casters in getting the most out of these great moulds.

Example of a Seven Years' War Prussian mould.

Go to their Seven Years' War page to learn more.

Friday 22 November 2013

More fantastic Christmas Decoration moulds from Prince August.

Prince August has gone from strength to strength with their brand new Christmas decoration moulds this November. Last month they released a Santa Claus, Christmas tree, Angel with a Star and a Christmas stocking full of toys and candy that hobby casters can cast hundreds of times and hang from their Christmas tree this December or use in other inventive ways like card decorations or hanging on strings.

This month Prince August has released larger more detailed decorations, which include a beautiful Teddy Bear with an adorable Christmas hat and the iconic Nutcracker soldier by a Christmas tree.
Furthermore they have added a marvellous flat base that acts like a plaque that allows people to write names or dates or just decorate as they please, giving even more flexibility to personalisation of the ornaments than previous moulds allowed.
As usual they also have freely available painting guides downloadable from their product pages as well.

Wednesday 25 September 2013

New Christmas Ornaments Moulds include Santa, Christmas Trees, Stockings with toys and Angels with Stars.

Prince August released a rather unusual set of moulds a few years ago, which departed from their usual military line of toy soldiers that they are famous for. These were flat christmas decoration moulds. The first ones had angels, bells, candles, reindeer and robin redbreasts that could be cast and hung on your Christmas tree or used for other similar decorational purposes like on Christmas cards.
This September Prince August has expanded on this line, due to its popularity, especially with girls who enjoy the casting process but are not interested in toy soldiers. The two new moulds have two different decorations per mould. PA1904 has Santa Claus and a Christmas Stocking filled with candy and toys and PA1905 has an Angel holding a star and a stylised Christmas tree with presents at it's base. Both moulds are easy to use with Prince August's flagship Model Metal and Prince August has added photos of how to vent these moulds if you wish to cast with Pewter (5 star metal) or the cheaper Standard Casting Metal. Venting is very easy, just warm the mould, and cut small channels with a sharp scalpel or knife to allow any trapped air to escape. The photos show in red lines the places to cut.

September 2013 New Mithril Lord of the Rings Fellowship Miniatures Released: Gloin and Bogatung.

Mithril Miniatures has released January and February 2013's winning ideas from their Fellowship Club. These 32mm scale metal miniatures are primed and ready to paint. MS593 Bogatung needs only a little assembly for her arms. Gloin does not need any assembly. If you are wondering what the Fellowshup Club is all about, then read up on it here and sign up so YOUR idea may become reality. Its a unique club that gives all its members the opportunity to have their ideas turned into genuine Mithril miniatures, if they win the monthly vote. Simple and elegant in its service, Mithril has run this club for over 8 years with great success.
Gloin was a Dwarf of Durin’s line and was part of Thorin Oakenshield’s famous expedition to retake the mountain kingdom of Erebor from the worm Smaug. After the re-establishment of the kingdom under-the-mountain, Gloin became wealthy and was later sent together with his son Gimli to represent the Erebor dwarves at the council of Elrond in T.A. 3018.
Bogatung was the oldest resident of Laketown with a fearsome reputation for magical power and a daunting physical presence. Years before she had been a priestess of a local Esgaroth cult but now, despite her great age, blindness and hunched appearance, struck awe and fear in those who encountered her. She had a great reputation for foretelling the future.

Friday 23 August 2013

Two new Mithril Miniatures Fellowship figures released. MS589 Ostoher and MS590 Galdor.

Mithril has released two new Fellowship miniatures in August 2013.

MS589 King Ostoher of Cardolan.Ostoher was the last effective king of the successor state of Cardolan in the early fifteenth century T.A.  His kingdom, along with Rhudaur and Arthedain, had been weakened by years of civil strife and latterly by the incursions of the Witch-king. During the second Northern war against Rhudaur and Angmar, Ostoher and his two sons were slain at the battle of Tryn Gorthad, leaving his young daughter Nirnadel (M32) as his sole heir.

MS590 Galdor of the Havens.
Galdor was a Sindarin elf from the Grey Havens in the north-west of Middle-earth. He was sent by Cirdan the shipright to represent his people at the council of Elrond at the start of the war of the Ring.

Friday 28 June 2013

New Prince August introduction video. Learn the ropes of casting metal miniatures from rubber moulds.

Time to revise your hobby casting knowledge this summer. While it is an easy hobby to pick up there are a lot of little things to remember to enhance the casting success.

You may also find the following video useful in conjunction with the new introduction video.

When you have finished watching these great video you may want to head over to the budget starter kit page and start your new hobby while being pocket friendly.

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Pre-Order Mithril's MV592 "Bilbo presents the Arkenstone" vignette and save 20%.

Bilbo presents the Arkenstone” is a release we plan on releasing this June.

This vignette will be available in June 2013. Until the date of release we are offering pre-orders at 20% discount.

This piece depicts the moment from “The Hobbit“ where Bilbo presents the Arkenstone to Bard of Esgaroth in the presence of the Elvenking. Our sculptor imagined the scene to be that of an armed camp, engaged in warlike preparations. The armies present are those of both Lake and Forest. Some figures which have appeared earlier in the Mithril range have made re-appearances (in new forms) and some new ones are also included.
Behind the seated figure of Thranduil the Elven High-captain of Aradhrynd is seen again, here leaning forward to advise the Elvenking. Behind him stands an Elven Royal guardsman, similar to the one depicted in “Halls of the Elvenking” but this time bearing the king’s standard.

Behind Bard is one of his company of archers who has escaped the conflagration of Esgaroth and next to him, directly behind Bard stands an Easterling outlier scout in the service of Laketown, illustrated in Tengwar no.3. Flanking the group on the right side of the piece is a reprise of the Laketown guardsman  but wearing lamellar armour and carrying the standard of Esgaroth. Kneeling in the right foreground is a Laketown oarsman.

At the left of the scene stands a version of the earlier Laketown adventurer who having offered his service to Bard is arming himself with the aid of his squire. At the centre,  before the “Captains and the kings” stands the small figure of Bilbo offering the precious Arkenstone to the new master of Laketown.

This release is not primed and requires assembly.