Wednesday, 9 December 2009

LOTR Christmas 2009 back on track, Broggha approved by Tolkien Enterprises.

Every year Mithril Miniatures makes a special Christmas celebration figure and this year is we have released Broggha, Hillmen Chieftain. This 32mm scale miniature is on a larger base than our regular releases, as seen in the photo and its name is on the bottom of the base.

Broggha was a strong, cunning leader of the Hillmen, and gained power through brutal means. He is shown here holding aloft the severed head of one of his foes, gloating over his victory.
Tolkien Enterprises have approved this release this week, so we have made it available to our Fellowship members again.
Shipping begins early next week. Unfortunately some of our international customers may not receive it in time for the 25th due to the final shipping dates to some destinations.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Lord of the Rings Christmas 2009 miniature awaiting approval

Our Christmas figure is temporarily taken off our website as Mithril was a bit impulsive and posted it before we had given enough time to have cleared it with Tolkien Enterprise. We will have an update on December 14th about the release date on the figure.
Any customers who have ordered it already will be notified of the delay.

Lord of the Rings Isildur and the One Ring Bonus figure.

Mithril Miniatures appreciates the loyalty of our Fellowship club members and we have worked to produce a key character, Isildur, and will GIVE it to our members for FREE when they have bought all our 2007 releases (12 figures).

Many of our customers have all the releases so all they need to do is select this miniature with their next order.

Isildur defeated Sauron in battle by cutting off Sauron's ring finger, which separated him from the One Ring containing most of his power. Unfortunately Isildur ignored Elrond's advise to destroy the ring in Mount Doom and instead he kept it as an heirloom.
This resulted in his doom and the eventual rise in power of Sauron again.

So what was the 2007 releases in the Fellowship club?
  1. MS465 Corsair Admiral.
  2. MS466 Thranduil's Standard Bearer.
  3. MS467 Ent Trumpeting.
  4. MS468 Haradrian Champion on Warcamel.
  5. MS469 Lossoth Hunter.
  6. MS470 Aragorn & Eomer meet in midst of battle.
  7. MS471 Troll Drummer.
  8. MS482 Forging of Anduril.
  9. MS483 Annatar fighting Celebrimbor.
  10. MS494 Haradrian Chieftain.
  11. MS496 Witch-King in his true form.
  12. MS497 Theodred, Prince of Rohan.

Just get at least one of each to qualify, if you already have them then you qualify anyway.

What if you want 2 of this bonus figure? Well if you have duplicates of the others then you get a duplicate of this one FREE as well.

Get your FREE miniature MS534 Isildur and the One Ring today.

Lord of the Rings Half-Troll Angmar Standard Bearer released

Mithril has released a new miniature from the Gold Status LOTR Fellowship club, that won the April 2009 vote. There are only 150 produced and they are priced at 24.95 Euro each, duplicates are reduced to only 19.95 Euro.

The Fellowship club is made up of the elite Lord of the Rings collectors who love Mithril miniatures and J.R.R. Tolkien's writings, and every month they submit their unique ideas to our forum and vote on them. The winning idea is produced and only available to the members. If you are interested in becoming one of these elite collectors apply to Mithril Miniatures Fellowship club today.

More info about this release: Angmar was a land in the far north of the Misty Mountains founded by the Nazgul Witch-king. The ringwraith serves Sauron so Angmar waged war on any allies of Gondor near them.
In the Battle of Fornost the forces of Angmar were defeated and the Witch-king fled to Mordor, leaving his realm to its fate.

This miniature is primed in grey primer to allow collectors to paint them immediately.

Monday, 30 November 2009

Painting Metallics Smoothly - guide by Gavin Doran.

"I usually get metallic paints painted on smoothly, but parts of Celeborn's armour (Battle Of Mirkwood series on Mithril) are tricky, even when following all the rules I am aware of: the metallic paint layer came out a bit gritty in spots. The primer layer was smooth, so this was not the problem.
Before I paint the metal colour parts of a model I first shake the pot of metallic paint well for at least 20 seconds, ensure a reasonable consistency (no tackiness or wateriness), then shake again before using.

Then I ensure there are no obvious specks of grit in the paint by spreading it out thinly on a palette to test it.

Then I draw the brush backwards along the palette while twisting the brush to get a reasonably thin layer of paint on the brush the whole way round until the layer of paint on the palette is dead flat but not sparse.

Then I barely skim the surface of the model, using the tip of the brush only, as best I can. To avoid grittiness and unevenness, at least on the tricky areas, I find it necessary to take my time and barely cover the model, flattening down any accidental unevenness.

I find it easier to skim the model at a slight angle, holding the brush slightly towards the model in the direction I am painting, rather than skimming at a right angle.

I paint in straight lines in the same direction in each section, with a slight overlap between strokes.

I paint long cylindrical armour plates from end to end to avoid a build-up of paint on the other side of the limb. I paint these plates in the less awkward direction.

I don't restroke sticky paint until dry so as not to get a rough coating, though I find a little restroking of a stroke of paint immediately is ok if I have missed a significant area or if I have accidentally applied a little too much paint from pressing down the brush a bit much.
I have greatly improved my metal paint finish on my tricky models, such as this Celeborn, using these principles to the best of my ability, though some spots on him were still a bit gritty to a lesser extent than before. Lightly skimming these areas with paint greatly flattened them; and a careful even rub of a rubber helped where the grit was more isolated.

Both techniques seemed adequate because I had already done a reasonable job. It seems that there is a tendency to press the brush a little too hard on the awkward areas and apply a little more paint than can be applied on smoothly, despite trying hard. I suppose it helps when painting large areas of Rohir helmets to paint from side to side and away from the side of the helmet at the end of each stroke to get a smooth finish. " by G. Doran.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

50% off Acrylic Paints for November 2009

Time to start planning for those long winter evenings. You have dozens of miniatures embrassingly sitting around in the buff. Time to give them a glorious new coat of paint and showcase your skills at the same time.

Now is the time, now is your opportunity as Prince August has cut the majority of their huge range of Model Color paints by a massive fifty percent for the rest of November.
All selected paints are just 1.15 each.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Family Fun Day in Cork a huge success.

  • Did you attend?
  • Did your kids enjoy the free painting and casting workshops?
  • Are there still traces of face paint on your childs face?
  • Did you take some wacky photos beside our new mural or with our fantastic cutouts (Orcs, Hobbits, Female warriors and Elven archers.).
  • Did you talk with the Roman Legionaries and WW2 Soldier re-enactors that had attended the event?
We hope that the answers to these questions are all positive ones and that the massive crowd of children that swarmed through our little factory had bucket loads of fun.

I made a flicker photostream of most of the photos I took on the day.

If you missed it then shame on you, you lost out on a great day. But you can still visit the visitor centre any day of the week and cast and paint miniatures to your heart's content.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Family Fun Day at Toy Factory Visitor Centre.

Prince August Toy Soldier Factory is running this special event on Sunday November 1st 2009.
Free Activities include:
  • Cast a free metal miniature.
  • Take part in a free painting workshop. (pre-book for a place 026 40344)

Lots to see in our visitor centre:

  • WW2 and Roman Soldier Reinactment actors
  • Soldiers
  • Lord of the Rings figures
  • Chess sets
  • Nativity figures
  • Christmas Decorations
  • NEW Fairies
  • NEW Fridge Magnets

Official revealing of our new fantasy wall mural.

All activities in aid of Children's Unit Mercy Hospital.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Prince August is being magically transformed by local artist.

A magical transformation is taking place at Prince August Toy Soldier Factory!

Local artist Bobbi Taylor is transforming the front of the factory visitor centre into a fantasy land. Not an easy task this summer with our extremely damp weather.

Come and visit us and see the work in progress....unless you are afraid of the giant dragon that lurks by our entrance. Get your photo taken beside this masterpiece for free.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

New LOTR™ Mithril MS Miniatures. Celebrian & Durin VI

Mithril™ is proud to release two more long awaited miniatures. These were suggested and voted on by our Fellowship club members in December 2008 and February 2009.

Durin™ VI is a Dwarven king, ruler of Khazad-dum, at least until he was killed by the Balrog™ demon.

Celebrian™ is the wife of Elrond™, the elven lord of Rivendell.

Both are carefully crafted by our sculptor Chris Tubb, and have been given the green light by Tolkien Enterprise™.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Warzone Imperial Hedgehog Necromower added

10 more exciting 28mm metal miniatures added to our growing stock of Warzone Mutant Chronicles series of battle games.

The factions affected are Brotherhood, Imperial, Cybertronic and Dark Legion.
The biggest news has to be the Necromower from the Imperial Corp Wolfbane army. This fast and furious machine has a huge machinegun that gives the vehicle its name, by mowing down rank after rank of the vile Dark Legion Undead Legionnaires and Necromutants.

These miniatures are sold in plastic bags but otherwise are in PERFECT condition.
With prices starting at 3.95 Euro per figure this game has a lot of potential.

Monday, 6 July 2009

More Warzone Mutant Chronicles Miniatures

July Release of Warzone Mutant Chronicles miniatures.

Warzone Mutant Chronicles is a tabletop battle game using easy to understand wargaming strategy rules and dice. They are 28mm scale and there are 8 different factions to choose from.

This month Prince August has released 12 more miniatures in plastic bags to enhance the current range. They are from six of the factions.

Some highlights include the Brotherhood Inquisitor Nicodemus, and Imperial Edward. S. Murdoch, Sean Gallagher, Timothy McGuire and Cybertronic Doctor Diana.

The most exciting new release has to be the Fenris Bike form Imperial Megacorp. We have not had this vehicle before and it is an exciting addition to that faction, and adds a lethal flamethrower to their arsenal.

Chronopia Bulk Sale now on. The more you buy the more you save.


  • Buy 4 box sets of the metal miniatures for just 25 Euro
  • Buy 8 box sets of the metal miniatures for just 40 Euro
  • Buy 20 blister packs for just 20 Euro.

This sale ends on July 22nd.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Lord of the Rings Helm's Deep Mithril release

NEW MITHRIL 'Helm's Deep - Gamling's Rally' Miniatures

Mithril Miniatures has released 10 new 32mm scale metal miniatures depicting the Rohirrim defending against the horde of half-orcs (Uruk-Hai) from Isengard. Saruman had bred these monsters to be stronger, bigger and far more resistant to sunlight than any previous incarnations. A huge army had been dispatched to destroy the men of Rohan.
Helm's Deep was a strong fortress that had served Rohan well in the past against their enemies (Dunlendings) and the people fled there to resist the dark army of the wizard. Gamling the old was put in charge of 1000 men, mostly youths and old men, to man the outer defences of Helm's Dike.
This is part one of the Helm's Deep series. Mithril has a bulk discount offer of 10% off the individual miniatures cost when you buy 3 of each type.

Friday, 15 May 2009

More Warzone Mutant Chronicles released this May.


Warzone Mutant Chronicles is a table-top 28mm scale wargame that is very popular for it beautifully sculpted miniatures, exciting and easy to pick up rules-set and engaging story.
Prince August has released 11 more miniatures this month to enhance this game.
These include some very important additions, including vehicles like the Death Angel from the Brotherhood Faction and the truly scary Eradicator Deathdroid walker machine that is the zenith of Cybertronic technology.
The Dark Legion has its allies too and they include the monsterous Zenithian Soul Slayer and Gomorrian Emasculator (that word always disturbs me somehow).
Do not forget the honorable Mishima MegaCorp, which can field the Deathbringers and Demon Hunters to quell any opposition easily.
If you want to see the full list of these new miniature additions then visit our website today.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

New LotR Miniatures, Tom the Troll and Boromir.

Mithril is proud to annouce the addition of two more Lord of the rings miniatures to our Gold Status Fellowship range (MS). These 32mm scale metal figures were chosen by members of the Fellowship club last year.
If you are interested in joining this club please visit

'Boromir Blowing the great horn of Gondor' (MS506) shows Boromir shortly before his death as he sought aid to repel the host of Isengard Orcs that were sent to kidnap any hobbits they could find. Saruman wanted the One Ring but did not trust his servants with that knowledge. Boromir tried to protect Merry and Pippin but was overwhelmed. His other companions, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, were away searching the forest for Frodo at that time and arrived to late to prevent the tragedy from occuring.

Tom the troll (MS507) was one of the three trolls that Bilbo and his dwarven companions encountered during their travels in The Hobbit. These trolls acted as bandits and ate travellers or raided local farms for livestock. The trolls captured the dwarves but Gandalf managed to trick the trolls into arguing between themselves about how to eat them long enough for the sunrise to turn them to stone.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Free Lucky Leprechauns this St. Patricks Day.

Fancy a bit of Irish luck this Saint Patrick's Day?

Prince August is giving away FREE leprechauns until March 18th. Every order for moulds, paints and/or metal made between March 3rd and March 17th, that total at least 30 Euro in value, excluding shipping will gain a free leprechaun.

This miniature measures 72mm in height and is made in casting 'standard' metal. The base will need to be attached to the leprechaun so glue is required but not included. One miniature per customer. Sculpted by Joe Fahey.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Three Lord of the Rings Masterpieces to collect

The Mithril LotR Fellowship Club has released 3 more superbe miniatures in February 2009.

'Ms505 Ingold at the Rammas Echor'.(below)

'Ms504 Grishnakh of Barad-dur' (below)

'Ms503 King Brand of Dale' (below)

These are 32mm scale metal miniatures and were selected by members of the club for production. All these miniatures are pre-primed in grey paint. If interested in learning more about the Mithril Lord of the Rings Fellowship club please visit our website.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

More Warzone Mutant Chronicles Miniatures are ready to fight for you.


Missing those essential leaders and specialists for your squads? Well now you have the opportunily to fill those gaps today and crush your foes. We have added a further 11 miniatures in plastic bags to six factions. These include Bauhaus Dragoon Sergeant and Kapitan (wolf-head versions), Hussar Kapitan, Mishima Hatamoto Leader, Imperial Wolfbane Commando with Shotgun, Capitol Martian Banshee sergeant, Ranger Grenadier, Cybertronic Chasseur Hero and Sergeant and Dark Legion Destroyer sergeant and Centurion.