Monday, 6 July 2009

More Warzone Mutant Chronicles Miniatures

July Release of Warzone Mutant Chronicles miniatures.

Warzone Mutant Chronicles is a tabletop battle game using easy to understand wargaming strategy rules and dice. They are 28mm scale and there are 8 different factions to choose from.

This month Prince August has released 12 more miniatures in plastic bags to enhance the current range. They are from six of the factions.

Some highlights include the Brotherhood Inquisitor Nicodemus, and Imperial Edward. S. Murdoch, Sean Gallagher, Timothy McGuire and Cybertronic Doctor Diana.

The most exciting new release has to be the Fenris Bike form Imperial Megacorp. We have not had this vehicle before and it is an exciting addition to that faction, and adds a lethal flamethrower to their arsenal.

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