Thursday, 16 August 2012

New Lord of the Rings Metal Mithril Miniature: Easterling Emissary

This LOTR miniature is 32mm scale and was released in August 2012.

Easterling was a general name given by the settled peoples of Gondor and Rohan to those nomadic tribes who inhabited the lands of eastern Rhovanion and those vast steppes beyond the sea of Rhun. Divided into many clans and tribes the Easterling peoples were pastoralists who lived in temporary tented encampments and who moved according to the pasturage available to their great herds of horses. Famed for their skill as horsemen and for their dexterity with the composite bow, the Easterlings were fearsome warriors, and on many occasions have raided and invaded the western lands. Two significant invasions into the western lands took place in the Third-age.

NEW Lord of the Rings Metal Mithril Miniature: Halbarad with unfurled standard

NEW 32mm scale metal miniature released in August 2012.

Halbarad brought Aragorn a message from Arwen as well as a standard made by her, which Aragorn asked Halbarad to keep for him for a while.
Halbarad accompanied Aragorn to a chamber high in the Hornburg where Aragorn looked into the palantir and revealed himself to Sauron. That morning Aragorn decided to take the Paths of the Dead under the White Mountains and Halbarad and Grey Company went with him along with Legolas and Gimli. When they reached the entrance, Halbarad said, "This is an evil door, and my death lies beyond it. I will dare to pass it nonetheless..."
At midnight at the Stone of Erech, Aragorn summoned the Dead to fulfill their oaths and Halbarad unfurled Aragorn's standard, which appeared black with no device in the darkness. The Grey Company and the Army of the Dead passed through the lands of the South to Pelargir, where they captured the fleet of the Corsairs. Aragorn dismissed the Dead, and the Grey Company sailed up the Anduin.
When they arrived at the Pelennor Fields in the midst of the battle, Aragorn's standard was once again unfurled but now it was seen to bear the emblem of the White Tree of Gondor and the Seven Stars and Crown of Elendil. Halbarad carried the standard onto the battlefield, where he was killed.