Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Mithril Releases: MS576 Junast & MS577 Huorn metal figures.

Mithril Miniatures has released two new 32mm scale metal miniatures in April 2012. These won September and October 2012 votes in the Mithril Fellowship club.

Junast of Far-Harad
Huorns are some of the oldest creatures on Middle-earth. According to Treebeard, they are wild and dangerous, but the Ents take care of them. They may have been Ents that became tree-ish or Trees that became Ent-ish. Or both.They can only communicate with Ents, not other creatures. They have the ability to create darkness to cover their movements, which can be quick and quite, despite their size and shape. Here you see a Huorn dismember an Isengard Orc that was fleeing from the broken siege of Helm’s Deep.

Huorn Junast is an ICE generated character, who appears in the LotR RPG module FAR HARAD (p.17). He was a simple goatherder who undertook a dangerous quest to destroy the body that Vatra (an avatar of Sauron) was creating for himself in the Land of the Sun. He partially succeeded in his quest and at least delayed the return of Vatra.

Friday, 6 April 2012

New Mithril Vignette: 'Beregond fighting troll at the black gate'.

Beregond fighting troll at the Black Gate Mithril Miniatures has finally released one of the most exciting vignettes in years. MS574 contains 4 separate figures plus a large and very detailed base (with 2 dead soldiers on it) and plenty of accessories. It is 32mm scale metal miniature that is NOT primed and does require assembly.

This vignette depicts the opening scene of the battle of the black gate.

The black Trolls of Mordor are unleashed upon the armies of Gondor, and serve as shock troops, cutting swathes through the Gondorian ranks. Armed with war-hammers they strike down all before them. Lying dead on the ground are two Gondorian city spearmen, the Troll’s first victims.

A Dol Amroth infantryman, whose own unit stands with Beregond and his men at this part of the battle front, is kneeling, also wounded by the great Troll. The awful creature itself has just struck at Beregond, shattering his shield.

Beregond, attired in the splendid garb of the Minas Tirith guards staggers back under the impact while a fearful yet determined Pippin, also attired as a Minas Tirith guard, attempts to stand his ground.

This was June 2011's winning Fellowship Club entry. It was released in April 2012.
This has already raised a lot of comments on Mithril's forum. Here are some of them:

"wow!!! what a vignette!!! this is absolutly stunning!"
"ohmygosh! There's no words than can make justice to this."

"Incredible !!!!"

"Brilliant! absolutely brilliant. This is once more Chris Tubb at his very best!!!!!"

"unbelievable .... awesome ..."

"Best vignette since MB279! "

"Like finding the Arkenstone among a pile of other treasures , What a piece of outstanding craftmanship."

"Truly sensational work.....One of the best Mithrils ever.."