Thursday, 28 May 2009

Lord of the Rings Helm's Deep Mithril release

NEW MITHRIL 'Helm's Deep - Gamling's Rally' Miniatures

Mithril Miniatures has released 10 new 32mm scale metal miniatures depicting the Rohirrim defending against the horde of half-orcs (Uruk-Hai) from Isengard. Saruman had bred these monsters to be stronger, bigger and far more resistant to sunlight than any previous incarnations. A huge army had been dispatched to destroy the men of Rohan.
Helm's Deep was a strong fortress that had served Rohan well in the past against their enemies (Dunlendings) and the people fled there to resist the dark army of the wizard. Gamling the old was put in charge of 1000 men, mostly youths and old men, to man the outer defences of Helm's Dike.
This is part one of the Helm's Deep series. Mithril has a bulk discount offer of 10% off the individual miniatures cost when you buy 3 of each type.


PrinceAugust said...

Price Drop: Mithril has dropped the prices from 9.99 Euro to 6.99 Euro per figure in this new range of Lord of the Rings miniatures.
Mithril has revised the bonus discount and it is now 10% as the cost has dropped. Buy 3 of each type of figure and the cost of the figures would only be 6.29 Euro.

PrinceAugust said...

Additional note on bonus 10% off offer on Helm's Deep - Gamling's Rally series: 6.29 Euro PER figure. The cost of the three figures would be 18.87 Euro.