Thursday, 26 March 2009

New LotR Miniatures, Tom the Troll and Boromir.

Mithril is proud to annouce the addition of two more Lord of the rings miniatures to our Gold Status Fellowship range (MS). These 32mm scale metal figures were chosen by members of the Fellowship club last year.
If you are interested in joining this club please visit

'Boromir Blowing the great horn of Gondor' (MS506) shows Boromir shortly before his death as he sought aid to repel the host of Isengard Orcs that were sent to kidnap any hobbits they could find. Saruman wanted the One Ring but did not trust his servants with that knowledge. Boromir tried to protect Merry and Pippin but was overwhelmed. His other companions, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, were away searching the forest for Frodo at that time and arrived to late to prevent the tragedy from occuring.

Tom the troll (MS507) was one of the three trolls that Bilbo and his dwarven companions encountered during their travels in The Hobbit. These trolls acted as bandits and ate travellers or raided local farms for livestock. The trolls captured the dwarves but Gandalf managed to trick the trolls into arguing between themselves about how to eat them long enough for the sunrise to turn them to stone.

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