Monday, 2 November 2009

Family Fun Day in Cork a huge success.

  • Did you attend?
  • Did your kids enjoy the free painting and casting workshops?
  • Are there still traces of face paint on your childs face?
  • Did you take some wacky photos beside our new mural or with our fantastic cutouts (Orcs, Hobbits, Female warriors and Elven archers.).
  • Did you talk with the Roman Legionaries and WW2 Soldier re-enactors that had attended the event?
We hope that the answers to these questions are all positive ones and that the massive crowd of children that swarmed through our little factory had bucket loads of fun.

I made a flicker photostream of most of the photos I took on the day.

If you missed it then shame on you, you lost out on a great day. But you can still visit the visitor centre any day of the week and cast and paint miniatures to your heart's content.

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