Thursday, 2 November 2017

November 2017 releases: Frodo and the mirror of Galadriel and Gildor Inglorion in robes.

Frodo and the mirror of Galadriel
Frodo and the mirror of Galadriel MZ641
This was January's winning idea and shows Frodo, during his visit to Lothlorien, looking into the mirror of Galadriel. Such a mirror has magically powers to show the past, present and future. He saw Aragorn battle the Corsairs and also saw Sauron's unceasing search for the One Ring.

Gildor Inglorion in robes
Gildor Inglorion in robes.
This was December 2016's winning idea and shows Gildor, a Noldo Elf, at the court of Cirdan where he shortly departed Middle-earth for the west. Gildor was a bit of a wanderer and visited many places including Rivendell and the Grey Havens.

Both of these figures are 32mm scale and are metal miniatures. None are primed and some assembly is required so some superglue is recommended.

Originally MZ640 Aragorn at the Black Gate had been planned for November but that has been pushed back to December now due to some minor issues with its design.

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