Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February Mithril releases | Tobold Hornblower, Snow-Troll and Orophin figures

MZ624 Tobold Hornblower Mithril Miniature
MZ624 Tobold Hornblower
Mithril Miniatures released three more MZ figures at the end of February 2017. These are digitally designed minis that were cast in metal and primed or undercoated with grey primer paint. These figures are 32mm scale. The first one is MZ624, Tobold Hornblower, the Hobbit that was credited with cultivating pipeweed. This figure was the winning idea way back in May 2015 in the Fellowship club. It is a beautiful piece showing the tiny Hobbit smoking his creation and holding a pot of it for gift or sale to his Shire friends.

MZ629 Snow Troll metal miniature from Mithril.
MZ629 Snow-Troll
 The fierce Snow-Troll is the northerly cousin of the Stone Trolls and while a little smaller in stature, they make up for that with more brutality, if such a thing was deemed possible. They harass any travellers brave enough to venture north during the night. They are still subject to immobilization during the daylight hours if caught outside. This was the winning idea from January 2016.

MZ633 Orophin of Lorien metal figure from Mithril Miniatures.
MZ633 Orophin of Lorien
Finally the last figure is the Silvan Elf Orophin of Lorien, brother of Rumil and Haldir. He is a skilled archer that guards the woodlands of Lothlorien, in the realm of Galadriel, the Elven queen. This was the winning idea from April 2016.

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