Wednesday, 30 August 2017

New Mithril Releases: 'Elfhelm mounted' and 'Deadman of Dunharrow'

Mithril is moving ahead to release a stream of new miniatures to catch up on the Fellowship club backlog of winning ideas over the last few years. The delay is largely due to the teething problems of converting over to a new production and design method. The learning curve was steeper than we realised. However that is in the past and we are now able to release two figures per month.

The first figure is Elfhelm mounted, a Rohirrim Marshal of the Mark, that fought during the War of the Ring against the Easterlings and Orcs of Mordor.

The second figure is a Deadman of Dunharrow, an oathbreaker that had been summoned by Aragorn to aid in defeating the Corsairs of Umbar. This feat would fulfill the Dunharrow dead's promise to serve the true king and they were released from their curse.

These figures are 32mm scale, made in metal. They are unprimed and do require a little assembly.

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