Thursday, 5 January 2017

MZ630 Duinhir of Morthond - FIRST 3D designed Mithril Miniature released in 2017.

MZ630 Duinhir of Morthond - First 3D digitally designed Mithril figure.

This is stage two of a two part transition from traditionally clay sculpting figures to fully 3D digitally designing and printing master figures. Finally, after a year of frustrating delays, we are able to start producing the new type of miniature. The figures available for sale are still cast in metal, but their master figures have been completely produced using the new techniques for the first time.

Duinhir is therefore the first to bear the letters MZ instead of the MS in its product code. All future miniatures, from the Fellowship range, will have that code for the foreseeable future.

This figure was the winning idea from February 2016, and was suggested by Fellowship member 'barliman'.

Duinhir was a Gondorian lord that lead his two sons and five hundreds skilled archers to aid Minas Tirith, Gondor's capital, during the siege by Mordor. His archers were particularly useful against the huge Mumakil and their war towers. Unfortunately Duinhir lost his two sons during that battle.

This metal figure is 32mm scale, primed in grey undercoat and does require a little assembly (bow with partial arm and sword are separate and need to be glued on).

As a special introductory offer, Mithril Miniatures has cut the normal price by 50% to allow everyone to see just how amazing the new figure is. The detail is crisp and clear and the figure will look astounding when skillfully painted.

MZ630 Duinhir of Morthond - back and front views.

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