Wednesday, 9 February 2011

February 2011 Mithril LOTR releases. Laketown Lady & Orc Wolf Rider

Mithril Fellowship White Hand Orc Wolf ridermetal miniature
With the White Council finally completed, Mithril has completed the next two MS releases that were winners from last summer. These two 32mm scale metal miniatures are limited to only 150 so they are as rare as they come.

White Hand Orc Wolf Rider: (MS561)
Wargs were common throughout Rhovanion and, as the power of Sauron grew, also in Eriador. The Wargs were large evil wolves of some intelligence who allied themselves to Sauron and to the Orcs. They provided swift-footed mounts for the smaller Orcs but like their riders had an innate fear of sunlight and operated best at night. They were used mainly by the Hithaeglir Orcs but also saw service in the armies of Saruman.

Mithril Fellowship Laketown Lady metal miniature
Laketown Lady: (MS562)
Laketown was a wealthy trading entrepot and goods from Rhun, Dorwinion and Dale passed through it en route to the west. It had no kings but some of its great trading families possessed much wealth.
This figure represents a Laketown woman of this class. Her dress is typical of the Northern folk of this period. Unlike the military costumes of Laketown her attire shows little or no Easterling influence.

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