Friday, 29 July 2011


Mithril has manufactured over 600 miniatures over 20 years and we now are giving our customers the opportunity to decide what we make next.
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Contact and tell them your username so they can upgrade it to Bronze Level. This is required to take part. This is free too.
The only requirement for membership is that you ordered from Prince August or Mithril sometime in the last 3 years (approximately). If you are new to the company then order something and then join. This project is for customers after all, not random strangers.

We have had numerous enquiries and requests from members about the regular M series and whether we are planning to release further figures in this format.

We realize that there is a significant number of collectors who wish to see more M figures released, and so, after much consultation and discussion we have decided to attempt a rather new and novel experiment with the M series. This new approach not only allows members to choose which M range they would like to see, but also the price will depend on how many orders we receive.

We have carefully considered the pricing structure for the range which will be as follows:
If we sell 100 sets then the price / figure will be €22.50. If we sell 400 sets then the price will be €7.50. We will use a sliding scale of prices to exactly work out the costs of any number of sets between 100 and 400 (thus 120 sets will be a little cheaper than 100 sets). We will also offer a discount on multiples of the same figure which are bought ( €19.95 for 3 figures)

1. Fellowship members and Bronze Level members will decide which range they would like to see produced. We will open a suggestion list for an M range similar to that for the Ms figures, and hold a vote on which suggestion would be most popular. Members can choose anything they wish, as long as it falls within the constraints of the Tolkien licence, and as long as the 10 releases are 10 single figures, or 9 single figures and 1 cavalryman ( or equivalent).*

2. Suggestions can be as simple or as complex as you wish, ranging from a simple title for the range such as “ The men of Dale” to a detailed list of every figure that might be included in the set, with sketches if so desired. **

3. We will open the suggestion page for 2 weeks and keep the poll open for a further 2 weeks. After the winning suggestion has been decided we will publish the complete list of 10 releases.

4. After the range has been announced we will start taking pre-orders for the series. Those members who would be interested in the series can let us know. We will take no payment at this time – we just want collectors to tell us their intent to buy. Anyone can buy this range . It is open to all and not just Fellowship members.

5. If 100 pre-orders have been received at the end of the month we will make the range, put them up on site and advertise them. We will wait a further month for extra orders which would make the range less expensive.

6. We will release the range in 2 parts, the first part as soon as the second month is elapsed and the second part, one month later.

7. Figures will be released in the usual Mithril blister packs

* - There will be some leeway in deciding the contents of the range. While we want to avoid large numbers of double blisters ( cavalrymen and Razaraks!) I will try and be flexible as possible to accommodate essential figures which are a bit more than human sized.

** - members can vote for Helm’s deep 2 ( Death to the Strawheads!) if they so wish but both HD3 and easterlings are too large for this release

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