Friday, 16 September 2011

New LOTR Mithril Release: Ent fighting half-Orc Commander.

Ent fighting half-Orc Commander Mithril Miniatures released this miniature in September 2011 as the winning idea in April 2011.

Brief Story about this figure.
During ‘The War of the Ring’ Saruman’s Orcs began to destroy the forest around Isengard. This destruction of trees caused great anger in the Ents as they considered themselves tree shephards.

Merry and Pippin helped encourage action during the Entmoot.

This resulted in a massive assault on Isengard by the Ents and they destroyed any half-Orcs they could find.

Eventually they took control of Isengard and held Saruman hostage.

Price is 32.95 Euro for the 1st item, however additional items have a 5 Euro discount (27.95 Euro).

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