Thursday, 14 June 2012

New Mithril LOTR release: MS578 The Passing of Elessar.

King Elessar was crowned in the momentous year 3019 T.A and ruled the united kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor until year 120 in the Fourth age. His queen, Arwen, although of Elven stock, had chosen the fate of men rather than of Elves and remained always in Middle-earth, never seeking passage to the West.
In this vignette both Arwen and her son Eldarion, stand before the tomb of Elessar, which is flanked by Minas Tirith guardsmen. At the foot of the tomb rests the winged crown of Gondor, which Eldarion will inherit. After this Arwen also bade farewell to her son and departed the city forever and passed out of all knowledge into the fading land of Lorien.
This new vignette will be shipped after June 18th. This is unprimed and not assembled.

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